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Thread: MontrealEscorts4u ?!

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    MontrealEscorts4u ?!

    Anybody have some info about this agency MontrealEscorts4u:!!-Double-d-s

    I have seen pics on the famous indy ANNA on their ads and I texted Anna about that.
    She replied to me that she was not aware of that and she was absolutely not linked to them.
    She is still very INDY.

    She told me she called them and the guy shouted at her and did not want to remove her pics...
    She is upset...

    I also saw ads of the famous indy Kim de La Plaine on their merb`s ads and site... They even give her review thread url...
    I did not tried to join Kim but I have a strong feeling that she is not affiliated at all to them...
    I always thought that no one can be more INDY than Kim!
    We should try to join Kim to have her version of this!

    Be carefull!

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    They finaly removed Anna's pics from their web site... But they are still in their MERB's ad at the moment I write this post...

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    In your face
    Hello guys,

    I removed her pics and i will send him a warning.

    Please, let us know if you notice other B&S pictures from this agency (or any others).

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    About Kim:

    The pics in the middle are from Jaime`s profile when she used to work at Devilish:

    You can still find a face pic of her on the blue board. She also had a stint at Chloe`s Playground; that`s where the pic where she`s leaning against the stair banister is coming from.

    If she`s Kim de La Plaine, I am a bit surprised that Kim`s thread makes no mention of her past working for agencies.

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    Louescorts4u thanks for replying, finally...

    Anna never confirmed she was working with you (you admit she did not returned your calls) but you still announced her as AVAILABLE... which IS FALSE advertising in my book... So the B&S...

    Anna admitted to me that being a bit drunk, she sent some pics to few agencies without thinking of consequence.
    But she was very clear about the fact that she never ever confirmed that this was a go with you...
    She has been very clear that SHE HAS NEVER BEEN available while you were saying on merb and your site that SHE WAS availaible that famous day...

    Thanks to you to have removed the pics from your website quite fast.... Thanks to mods to have removed the pics from your ad on merbs...

    I do admit that I am a bit quick to defend my prefered SP's like Anna and I know they are not perfect... So am I...


    For Kim, I still surprised but I do not intend to check with her...

    If I can give an advice, you provide a link to kim's review on your website, you should mask the link with a text that says "LINK TO HER REVIEW ON MERB" rather than showing the whole url because the URL shows her personal Phone# and people may call her directly rather than calling you

    Is Kim available sometime with your agency? Or do you only put her pics on you website to have more girls to show?
    Did she tell you "I'd like to work with you" and for you it is a go to put her as part of your team?
    Because Kim appears to always work as indy, she even updated her Ann123 Pics recently...

    I guess she might work both as indy and with an agency !? :/

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    We know the pictures were not fake pictures, they are those of certain ladies who sent them to Louescorts4u. I seem to remember seeing Anna's pictures on a MTLGFE ad as well. They apparently never actually worked for Lou. I believe no one then called for the girls in question and received another girl who was not the girl in the picture. That is what B&S is.

    Unless Anna wants to come on here and officially give her side of the story publicly or privately to the Mods, then the specifics of why the pictures were in the ads is just hearsay. The pictures are down, no one experienced B&S, let's move on. I think Lou now knows how highly MERB members regard accurate advertising and will act accordingly in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Louescorts4u View Post
    ...We needed to see if her pics would attract sufficient attention to even bother with her request .Now with the turn of events I guess you understand unclebob that if they was interest you've killed it ...
    I'm glad I did kill it since she was not working with you anyway...

    If you would have told her that you wanted to make a test by making a false ad to see the demand, she might have told you not to do it since she was not interested (anymore?) to do business with you!

    You did tell her but she did not replied? Then you should not have taken the decision to go forward without her approval anyway...

    When she called you to get the pics removed from your site, did you explained this to her? If she would have agreed then, this thread would not exist...

    Anna does not like Agencies, She's still very young. Dealing with young inexperienced SP's is often uncertain... She fooled you, she fooled me... Maybe... This is part of the business... Now you know...

    The facts are, you did a false ad of Anna. She did not know until I told her I saw her in your Merb's ad and Website and then she asked to get the ads and pics removed since she had no intents to work with you (and did not know the real purpose of this false ad)... Did she change her mind about the idea of working with you? Maybe, I don't know... I don't care... This is the side effect of meeting Anna

    I know for fact that Anna cannot be "under contract" that easily. She needs to go shopping first, and try (what she did with MTLGFE) with no obligation... If she took the time to Call me to talk about it, then, no matter the pics or emails she sent to you, she was not in the impression that it was mandatory she HAD to work for you. We always text and she never called me (voice) since 8 months! She will certainly learn something out of this story.

    For me, Anna's pics have been removed from your website and ads, so princess requests have been fulfilled
    If the mods have enough proof to say that Anna is fully faulty and was truly "in contract" with you, then I will not oppose to the removal of this thread...

    Edit: By the time I saved this post, Mod 12 did the previous post... Sorry about that... I fully agree... Lets move on...
    I'm done with this...


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    Just to add my 2 cents about fresh starts.. I think if a lady failed as hard as Jaime in the past, tried to switch agencies numerous time and still got bad reviews... i think she need to make her fresh start happen by herself. There will always have new members that will call for her without knowing who she really was or just be turned on by her pics, then if she provide EXCELLENT services, eventually she will rise back in the good graces of the merb community. It happened in the past. Members like me that take this "business" very seriously and can only afford it ocasionally love to know who switch name and was who before. Now would i be rich, i would call 3 girls per week or more and even if some would had a bad attitude, i wouldn't care... LOL. But as i can see 1 per 3 months or even more, a bad meeting leave a terrible sour taste for me.
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    Hello everyone,

    This thread is a perfect example of why people should not jump the gun and start making public accusations when they do not know all the facts. The proper procedure in such cases is to contact a moderator regarding the situation so that we can investigate it and handle things. There is no reason to start posting accusations against agencies which will damage their reputation even when they are not at fault. Some people may only read the title of the thread, never reading the posts within, and have that stick in their memory and possibly repeat the claim to friends based only on that. Please contact a moderator first and we will look into it. If we believe there has been a willful attempt to deceive MERB members, we will give you the go ahead to open a thread.

    In future anyone with such concerns should contact a moderator before starting a thread, it could save everyone a lot of time and trouble.

    As this situation seems to be resolved, I see no reason for this thread to remain open. If anyone has anything pertinent to add, they may contact a moderator to have the thread re-opened for posting.

    Thread closed.

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