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Thread: O'Gascon fined $12,000 for Racial Profiling

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    O'Gascon fined $12,000 for Racial Profiling

    O'Gascon has been fined a total of $12,000 for racial profiling. The management discriminated against Black clients and gave them a hard time. I congratulate these Black men who took the club to court. They had the courage and invested time into this. It should set a example for other clubs to think twice about this kind of practice. This is not the first time such a thing happened. Oh Caresses which is now called Montreal Stripclub on Notre-Dame St owned by Peter Sergakis back in 2004 was also posted in the news about racial profiling. Unfortunately this is probably something that will happen again in fact I already know of clubs that have such practices in place.

    There should be similar sanctions placed against clubs which artificially control the racial mix of the dancers to ban such policies. Selection of dancers should be based on beauty not race.

    Here is the link to the news->
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    Happy for those guys not lets hope escorts and masseuse can learn from this incident

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