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Thread: Emma "University Nurse"

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    Emma "University Nurse"

    CL ad:
    ... or search for "nurse" under "therapeutic service"

    I needed a strong massage at one point (ended up in Gracia, see other post). However, I found this ad on CL and I keep seeing the fake cute asian pic for the same ad. It's especially annoying when she mentions it's her real pic on some of the ads.

    Anyhow I called, Chinese accent girl picks up with lots of background noise. She gets aggravated because she can't hear me well and told me she's calling me back after leaving classroom. I get called back, she gets more aggravated when she doesn't understand what I'm saying when I'm asking for location. Turns out she does massage at 3500 Parc La Fontaine and will "show up just for me." I hesitated because I know what type of place that MP is and I could feel her frustration when she said: "OK, tell me yes you want massage if you want massage or no I do not want massage and I do no massage to you".

    I guess I could have still went for the massage to try out her skills, but seeing the chemistry is already gone, I hung up and went to Gracia instead.

    I know this isn't much of a massage review, but just letting other merbites know what type of attitude to expect from this one.


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    That kind of information is pretty good to know. Massage experience can be fully appreciate when all the pieces are there. Just being cute isnt enough for me and this kind of attitude really turns me off, unless it's 3 am and i am too drunk to think straight.

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    This is the same Emma that usually works out in the east on Beaubien street near Langelier. Not sure if there is already a thread about her. She gives a decent massage. Can do hard if you prefer but I guess it depends what time you see her if she might be tired or not. The pics are a slight resemblance although it definitely is a fake of a girl she would love to have looked like years younger. Reading your other review, I would say that she's more of a pumper that you're most accustomed to as per asian girls go. Methodical but it usually doesn't do it for me as i prefer some sensual stimulation so mine lasted quite awhile and she got tired but was able to switch hands. LOL

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    Lol,i had her last november by reading her ads on Craigslist. They are all fake pics. I had been to a lot of Asian place, Actually i guess she is around 50s, and had this same "girl" about 7 years ago in some chinese place...So i avoid chinese places now...We should know when they say too good, it is not true...To be wise...

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    Of all the choices out there, I have a weak spot for asians. Therefore, I am doomed forever.

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    They are fake pictures, it is the same chinese lady who is at least 45 years old. When you called, you can hear her accent.She put this ads from last year. I tried her once in Winter, dissapointed...because i hate people to use fake pictures as cheating way...Avoid!

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    first picture was taken from this site :

    second picture :

    Third picture :

    Careful of Bait & Switch agency

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