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Thread: Sex Workers Conference

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    Sex Workers Conference

    I was listening to the news on cjad and the lead item was about 200 international sex workers who are in town for a convention, or as the news put it a "Hooker Convention". So two questions came to mind...first, are any of these ladies going to be available while they are in our fine city and second, what do they do for entertainment? They aren't going to call for an escort so I think all merbites should offer their services as tour guides to show these ladies the sites

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    Thanks for the pointer, Cap'n. I didn't see the Gaz this morning, only heard a short blurb on the radio news.

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    BTW, has anyone suceeded in booking an appointment with an sp from out of town who's in Montreal for the sex conference? Through emails and with a bit of luck, i happen to have contacted someone from TO whom i'm supposed to see tonight or later on this weekend. She hardly ever comes to MTL but she told me she would be here for the weekend. It was only later that i realized that she was probably coming here for the sex conference. Also, i checked in the Mirror and noticed that she hadn't advertised. Good, i told myself, i'll have her all to myself! And also perhaps in a more laid back mood which could spell more value for my money (if money's ever involved? probably will though ).


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    hello montreal!
    i came here from vancouver for the forum xxx. it was quite interesting and informative, and i've met a lot of great people (sp's) from around the world.
    btw you have a really beautiful city.

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    lolalily>> I very much enjoyed the Forum XXX also. Are you still in Montreal?

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    Hey Ronnie,

    I saw you for maybe one second at the end of a TV news report on TVA the other day, you were in a crowd clapping during a speach... cute

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    yes, i'm still here!

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