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Thread: guy harassing me

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    Angry guy harassing me

    Hi everyone, not really sure which section to write this in, but im dealing with a really rude piece of s**t who keeps on emailing me . Im an indy and usually start contact through email... can someone give me some advice? Im not the type to respond to negativity but this guy keeps on emailing me crap.
    What can i do other than ignore him?

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    Ignore him, do not give him any attention, store his emails in a separate folder(try not to read them) . If its crap he keeps sending he will eventually give If it turns to harassment then contact the LE or STELLA.. Good luck

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    Isha: just ignore him. You have nothing else to do. Filter his emails and put them directly in garbage...
    Good lucky! It. Is positive to have you posting. I am not sur you can discreditate him publicly on MERB, but if insist you can report to mod, if he is member of MERB...

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    Quote Originally Posted by maharaniISHA View Post
    What can i do other than ignore him?
    Delete the emails without reading them. I recall Allissa of Montreal (HDH agency owner early 2000s) would simply delete emails from persons who were rude. That is what the delete button is for. Use it.

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    He's right. The worst thing you can do is answer his emails. Even if it's to tell him to fuck off.

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    Don't react to anything he does. Spam his email and wait it out! He must get bored someday....Unless its his lifes purpose to email you....he is having fun because you react.

    Copy his email to other spam sites. LOL

    If you have his phone number even better, send it to one of those sites who send codes/spam via text. or Call him by an anonymous prepaid phone in the middle of the night....

    lol...Talk about things you can do....

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    Thanks guys!
    What is Stella btw?
    Raj, your ideas are quite hilarious!

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    I found the following when I did a Stella Search

    Stella is a by-and-for sex workers organization. We offer free condoms of many varieties, a free medical clinic for STI and HIV testing and Hepatitis A and B vaccines, (no cards required) in a non-judgemental and confidential environment, regular activities, a monthly list of bad and aggressive clients, and a discreet and confidential space to come by and talk!

    We have a listening line to answer any questions you may have open Monday to Friday from 11 to 5pm, excepting Tuesdays which is 11-12pm. You are also welcome to drop by during those hours, or we can come meet you in your workplace. Our number is 514 285 8889.

    Check out our website at for more information

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    Maybe Stella can have the police stop this guys meanwhile keeping you anonymous

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    Yeah, I'd just create a filter and automatically transfer the e-mails to the trash. I do it all the time.

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    I know it must bug you, but one can only go so far with emails, right? You can tell him once to stop contacting you and then put his emails in a separate folder for proof if you ever go to the LE or any instance needing proof. Harasment is a serious thing and the police will take it seriously. At the same time, (like mentioned earlier, how far can one go with only your email?), ignoring his emails will also have the same results. Or blacklisting him on your email account, but then you won't have the emails in store in case you need proof.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallseye View Post
    You can tell him once to stop contacting you and then put his emails in a separate folder for proof
    I totally agree with Wallseye, make sure its really clear that you do not want to have any contact with him and to please stop. Give him a clear signal, sometimes just ignoring emails will make thinks worst if the situation is not clear. Once he as been told, just keep his emails and don't read them or reply. Contact stella or the authorities if the situation persists.

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    My email have this function where you can auto block every mail from an adresse... that should do the trick...
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    I am sorry to hear you are dealing with this.

    Filter emails to a special folder. Have a trusted friend read them to see if there are threats to your life so in case anything does happen then you can report him. Digital papertrails are important tools. If you do not have a friend then seek out a resource person as mentioned above from Stella.

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