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Thread: A night in montreal

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    A night in montreal

    Hi there

    I will be in a business trip in montreal in a few weeks, and I will have my Thursday night free. I do not have a lot of taboo. What do you suggest ? Strip club, xxx cinema, escort... or ever something more underground ?

    Thanks a lot

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    Entirely up to you. If you want to see ladies take off their clothing, then a strip club would be in order. If you are into watching people fuck on film, then try an xxxcinema. Perhaps you would like to do a little fucking yourself, then call an escort, remember, however that ymmv.. I wouldn't go underground, but if you are interested in mining, then go for it. See how easy that was?
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    Quote Originally Posted by savardf View Post
    ... or ever something more underground ? Thanks a lot
    Oratoire St-Joseph is quite underground! Enjoy!
    Some like it mild, I like it hot

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    C'mon a brother out!

    Assuming you'll be staying at a downtown hotel, I suggest pulling up a stool at the bar for Happy hour at the Keg Steakhouse at Place Ville Marie, quite busy...Good professional crowd and good looking staff

    What seems to be getting rave reviews on this board recently is the Duo of Byanca and can find the info in the outcall reviews section...seems to be a surefire memorable experience.

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    whatever you do don't tip !

    Too many tourists come up here and start throwing around money and giving tips.
    then the girls are gonna start expecting it from the locals.

    So don't ruin it for everyone by tipping.

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    A gangbang is quite interresting. Any tips ?

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    The obvious questions

    Do u have a car or rental car?

    Second question. From Canada or States?

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    What do I suggest?

    Simple, Watch the Leafs beat the bruins and the habs lose to the lowly Sabres.... then after that go to Amazones for a great sat night stage show, get horned up, go back to your place and call a sweet and sexy sp to finish off your night, and then Boustan at 3am!

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    Quote Originally Posted by savardf View Post
    A gangbang is quite interresting. Any tips ?
    I can give you a reference, but i don't know if it allowed in Merb rules.
    so i won't take chance unless the mod says its ok

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    What inga69xxx said. Boustan!

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