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Thread: Why is it that girls never stay at a massage salon more than a few weeks?

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    Why is it that girls never stay at a massage salon more than a few weeks?

    When I find a girl that offers a half decent massage after a few weeks she is no longer at that salon. Whats with the musical chairs?

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    They do stay at some places but not at others. Check the Phantopie thread - that's a place with frequent turnover and several reasons for the turnover are described in the thread.

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    Think about this for a minute Zatara.
    You are a 18-24 years old girl working in a salon and jerking cocks day in and day out and some become regulars because they like you and some of those regulars end up being the typical Ron Jeremy type.

    That would explain why some girls move on to other salons.

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    I would say that the vast majority jump in and out of the biz and may only do 3 or 4 days here and there to pay bills or to finance their spring breaks and vacations.

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    what td bank said. some are curious and will try it for a couple of days before quitting because they realized it's not something they could do (enjoy)

    as for switching salons. some are looking for a good place with lots of clients or some don't want certain type of clients so they switch

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    The salon in the back room is like high school, sometimes it is dominated by a girl controls the situation. There is a lot of jealousy and competition back there.

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    Indeed Zatara....put a bunch of pretty girls in the same room, that's often what happens (no offense to girls). They're doing it for money so they want to be the chosen one, the most popular.

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    Look behind you.
    You are trying to say a group of only females can not work well together, unheard of

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    John, this is really hard to believe. Oh, I believe what you are saying is true. What I can't believe is that a hobbyist would try to purchase a service and not make sure that they are prepared to recieve that service.

    Incidently, The massage parlors I have been to (I have never visited a MP in Quebec) advertize a table shower. They take you in the back and give you a shower with a loufa and plenty of soap. Now you are ready for the session. Do they do this in Montreal?

    I will say that some of these incalls have some really tough rules. If you can't come to work they charge you 100$. I talked to one of my favorite E girls that was working at a MP. She said that she had a bad cold and they wanted to charge her 100$/day to miss work to get well. Imagine that? So when she got sick, she quit.

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