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Thread: incall security

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    Talking incall security

    Hi buddies,
    I have been thinking in the incalls security,
    and, how the incalls ensure security for the girls?
    I mean, there are some pimps in the next appartment ready to jump and kick an bad client? or how the incalls take care of that?


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    Its pretty much the same as for outcall, the SP has to trust her gut feeling about the client, if she feels something might be wrong with the guy she will not let him past the door.

    Or if he's already in then she will ask him to leave, give back the money if he's already paid.

    The lady always checks in with the boss before starting anything and the boss/driver(for outcall) is never too far away before the check-in.

    I would assume if the girl doesn't check in the boss will call first, and if there's no answer he probably has a spare key and will go see for himself.

    And by the way, you shouldn't use the word pimp when talking about escorts, it's disrespectful to the ladies who do this work because they want the money, not because they have to.

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    You would be surprised at just how good the "home field" advantage is.

    And how each girl operates is very different.

    Not accepting any new clients.

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    not to forget that for a client, incall is legally the worst situation they can enter into. It is the only way you can be stopped by LE for being a found-in. There are also issues of personal security to be considered.

    Your mileage may vary... mine did!

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