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Thread: Anyone knows what's going on with Montreal Sex City?

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    Anyone knows what's going on with Montreal Sex City?

    Haven't seen ads from them for a few days now...Any info?

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    Have you tried calling? If you check Jessy's website, you'll note that schedules are posted for both this week and next, suggesting that things are quite in order. It's my understanding that Jessy is off on a well-earned vacation.

    I have read in one review that someone named Luc is answering the phone while she's gone.
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    I see, thanks. I pretty much only check merb for ads.

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    Hi princea,

    As mentioned by rumpleforeskiin, yes Jessy is away for a short while on a long-awaited, well-deserved vacation. Due to unexpected technical difficulties, we won't be able to post Jessy's usual daily ads so we would appreciate your consulting the agency website or to contact by phone directly for the next few days...
    thank you for your patience...
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    I am enjoying a nice vacation with Jessy in a highly secluded place. I will not let her go near a computer !!!

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