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Thread: Sex in Space?

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    Sex in Space?

    Our next to be canadian astronaut hero (after Marc Garneau and Lucie Payette) Chris Hadfield is coming back to earth next week after spending more than 5 months as commander of the international space station.
    We get all kind of details about the life of human beings up there:
    But what about their sex life?
    No direct sex almost for sure. But are they allowed to masturbate at least?
    I am sure that Nasa is monitering all that matter as much as all the rest. But obviously sex is kind of taboo in space too. So no official report.
    Do you have any clue?

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    Why do you think they spent monkeys into space first?! Prep time!
    The only sex the astronauts are allowed to have is monkey sex!

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    [QUOTE=Grosbaton;691890]No direct sex almost for sure. But are they allowed to masturbate at least?

    You don't get out a lot do you .leave me in a room with any woman long enough and I guarantee ill be fucking her,married, nun ,lesbian, their legs will be open.
    even a fat ugly one -like a tricycle as long as your friends don't see you rideing it- it is ok.
    do you think they are allowed to masturbate come on its like brushing your teeth or takeing a shit.if you don't trust me don't ejaculate long enough and you will have prostate problem.
    do you think all men who go to jail are gay.isolation and sex drive = penetration.
    do you think mission control has a camera on them 24/7 come on privacy and if they did I can tell you if it was me an accident would happen to disable the camera when I got the female horizontal/perpendicular and every other position imaginable.

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    Thanks macho man. Sometimes I like to pretend I am stupid, and it obviously works...

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    Maybe no real sex (male-female) but at least they can be sucked as described in the link above; "Both male and female astronauts have their own personal urination device that resembles a small cup. They connect the device to a long plastic tube that sticks out of the wall, and as they urinate an air current sucks the liquid along the tube and deposits it into a waste compartment." So it might work also when ejaculating... I love science...
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    lack of gravity makes it extremely unlikely to have any kind of sexual activity except kissing

    gravity is needed for the regulation of blood flow and since space is not the same as earth, blood doesn't flow the same way. having an erection will be quite hard

    besides, with their extremely tight schedule, sex is the least of their problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by themonk83 View Post
    having an erection will be quite hard
    Pun intended, I hope.
    I am no space expert, but I would imagine that gravity wouldn't affect blood flow so extremely. Otherwise larger problems would arise that just getting an erection, like a large build up in the brain or something.

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