I seem to be known for writing cryptic messages, so I will do my best to avoid that tonight.

I have decided to step down from active moderation. This has much more to do with circumstances in my life away from the board than recent events, but I am quite tired of debating semantics and having to defend every action I would take with the general membership. Moderation used to be fun and rewarding for me, but not anymore. For the conspiracy theorists out there, repeat after me: This has nothing to do with Fred. It is all about me.

I hope all of you continue to participate on this board and contribute useful information to our community. I also hope that you always remember we are a board of gentlemen, and that you expect no less from your fellow members.

Please contact Mod 2 for any moderation issues. If Fred allows me to retain my privileges, I will act on a flagrant violation if I happen to be in the neighborhood, but beware, if you make me come out of retirement, I will likely ban you. I also want to finish up the strip club listings I have promised for so long.

I will close this thread, because I do not like long goodbyes. Many of you have already expressed your opinions as a result of my work. Thank you to those who supported me. For those who disagreed with my actions (or lack of), I am sorry I did not meet your expectations or needs. For those who did not speak up before, this is a message board. Why did you wait?

I thank M2, M3, and Fred for their patience, confidence, and trust in me.