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Thread: Escorte deesse / Montreal Angels - When you have gals who can't service ethnic ppl...

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    Escorte deesse / Montreal Angels - When you have gals who can't service ethnic ppl...

    Escorte deesse / Montreal Angels (or any other agencies that have girls who can't service color ppl):

    When you have gals who can't service ethnic ppl, let it know clearly on your web sites. I can understand that a girl can't service certain type of customers based on their color of skin, that is their choices and I can even do the effort to respect that ..., BUT it is frustrating for the customer to find out for himself at the last minute! Do not forget that your customer has potentially rented a room, freed some time for that session, and is certainly expecting to have some good times rather than playing Russian roulette, etc. From a random escort agency found in the Journal de Montreal, I can understand. But you are advertising on Merb, a serious forum, so please act accordingly.

    So please, clearly mention those restrictions on your web sites . As we say in French: IL FAUT S'ASSUMER JUSQU'AU BOUT!


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    Et moi mm01, je suis 100% en accord avec toi même si cela ne me concerne pas...


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    Merci Bgood.
    Effectivement, c'est pas un drame vu plus que la majorité des clients ne sont pas de couleur. juste une question de professionalisme, pour éviter des mésententes. Comme je disais, du Journal de Mtl, j'aurai pu comprendre. Mais sur Merb, on est habitué à un certain standard de transparence et professionalisme. C'est pour cela que je consulte Merb et plus (depuis des décennies) le journal de Mtl.

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