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Thread: Bell FIBE versus VIDEOTRON . TELL US YOUR PRICE & service stories.

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    Bell FIBE versus VIDEOTRON . TELL US YOUR PRICE & service stories.

    Hi there, please tell about your Videotron and FIBE service and pricing plans. Is fibe worth it? I want to know. Videtron is getting a little too comfortable with their surcharges etc. WTF is a HD access fee? and an access fee for a second box that I OWN !!! On top of that the main concern me and my friends and co-workers have with Videotron is terrible and confusing billing.

    Anyhow me :

    TV (basic+10 channels)+HD box and standard box (paid 30$for std box)/ PHONE VM, caller ID,/ Long Distance north america 1000 min/ 20 Mbps down 2 up 120 GB/month. = approx 140$ month pre tax.

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    So far, I traded Videotron for Bell Fibe, I am very satisfied, and the price too is satisfactory, expecially with bandwith unlimited, so far I am a happy camper with Bell Fibe. I love the PVR. By the image is way sharper, when I had Videotron, I thought it was an issue with my TV, it turns it was Videotron's problem, with Bell Fibe, wow the image is perfect.

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    Hi Special Agent Mooody thanks for commenting . For all those that want to comment (AND I HOPE YOU DO). PLEASE along with your comment please tell me the your:

    -Location (because internet speed varies by area with Fibe).
    -What services you have ( IE I have 4 services- be detailed like : phone voice mail caller id , USA long distance 1000 min,tv base+10 a la carte).
    -Pricing per month (obvious )
    -Catches (ie HD access fee or second box acceess fee or any similar bullshit).

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    ps whats with this 6 month shit, why d they give a price and then double it after 6 months?

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    Unlimited bandwidth shouldnt be a factor in your decision if you decide to ditch videotron because of that.

    Call them up and ask for it, tell them you consider fibe because of that... you will either get a generous bump in bandwidth, free unlimited or unlimited for 10$ extra (it all depends on your package price structure).

    I'm with videotron, and would never go back to DSL (fibe is just that).

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    Its not necessarily the amount of gigs per month that I download. I find 120 GB enough. But rather teh priceing. I mean 140 a month pre tax is kind of a lot.

    I also find that Bell does nothing to match it. They give you promotions for 6 months, then charge you 157$ a month for the same shit.

    In fact I remember going to a Bell kiosk in 2012 and they were giving me the special promotional price of 18$ a month for north America long distance. I almost lost it telling the sales rep that I get 1000 minutes/month with Videotron for 9.99.

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    Im in Lasalle area
    Fibe tv $10 for 6 months then $24
    Phone $30
    Internet $40 unlimited with 25mbs which is supposedly available across the 514.
    Personally I dont like videotron's misleading ads and lies. Crtc regulations prohibits american commercials for us canadians for events like the superbowl but videotron was advertising that they were going to broadcast them, too much misleading for me

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    Is the phone and internet pricing for 6 months too? Or is that the REAL price? Are you satisfied with billing and stuff you get , how many months or years ?

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    We are paying $60 per month with Bell for telephone (Called ID, Voice mail) + Internet Fibe5 just 60 Gigs per month at 6mps(I think).
    Bell as with Videotron are always trying to charge more.
    You cannot trust their billing.
    And with Bell every couple of months I have to call back to remind them that we made a deal for specific price.
    Then they say they do not understand why the price went up... blah blah blah.
    They have a customer loyalty department that you can negotiate with them a specific price.
    With Bell and Videotron .. if you call them and threaten to go to the other they will gladly negotiate with you.. until you are happy.
    If you do not say anything .... well chances are you are getting screwed !!!

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    Bell and Videotron is desperate to keep or poach the competitions customers. A long term contract is money in the bank to these companies. It does not matter which company you are with, call them up and ask them what your contractual obligations are and tell them you are planning to switch. They will probably offer you a big discount in monthly charges or they might give you a few months free of both to stay.

    If members will post her what they are paying with Bell or Videotron, this will help other members in negotiations.

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    I changed from Bell (Dish) to Videotron cable, my bill went down from $200 to $140 a month for the same services tel TV and Internet. Bell have sine called me back offering a better rate (for the first 12 months) then the rate will go back up. For now I will stick to Videotron.

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    My suggestion: anything but Bell!

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    Bell will always offer a sweet deal for the first n months to get new customers or old customers back, then they catch up later. Videotron will ultimately need to upgrade its infrastructure. Cable is an old technology and it was not meant to carry HD signals. I don't think that I have any 1080p channels on my Videotron package. 720p is the best they offer. There is no point to buy an expensive TV if you are with Videotron.

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    I switched to Videotron a couple of years ago, never had any issues with billing, always had billing issues with Bell.
    Got illico basic cable + 10 channel of my choice, basic intermediate internet which is plenty for what I need it for (should be plenty for the average person) and got mobile phone (no land line), mobile is unlimited text, night & wk unlimited call (100 free min day time), no fees between videotron customer and 500G of data per month, caller ID & VM. I`ve never gone over my daytime minutes since I can be reached at work !!!, and never went over the 500g of data per month with regular use. All that for $ 120/ month (txs in).
    Always got through to customer service for questions and answers.
    For myself, it would take an extraordinary offers to go back to Bell, with the billing issues had in the past, trouble reaching the customer service and when you do reach them, they can`t help you right away or say they will fix the problem but never do.
    My 2 cents


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    Quote Originally Posted by joelcairo View Post
    My suggestion: anything but Bell!
    This is all you need to know.

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