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    Exotic car rental in Montreal

    Exotic car rental agencies all over the place. Just call up any big rental company and they will tell you of their downtown location where you can rent the exotics, but it will cost you more that renting a Federation Star Ship. I also heard the John Scotti rents things like Hummers and...
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    Do MPs and dancers want you to take them on trips?

    The end of something is usualy the start of something else. You get to go on a second odessy st CLUB FED! Free food and drink, facilities and entertainment provided. (condoms are free too, you get to pick them up at the lunch line at the condiment counter.)
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    WINNERS in the MP, SP, and SW trades.

    She has been promoted?????? (Lara) You mean they made her the HEAD NURSE??????
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    Naughtylady's new web site contest

    www.private.com very tutonic and business like. no beating around the bush, here are the choices and here are the prices. The upcoming atractions keep the visitor interested.
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    WINNERS in the MP, SP, and SW trades.

    I time warped into their futures.
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    WINNERS in the MP, SP, and SW trades.

    You have to serve someone! Thats a line from a Bob Dylon song. I know of at least 4 girls that are studying medicine that are doing SP work.
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    Chinese pizza?????? Thats like having sex with a good looking woman thats realy a transvestite!!!...........No, thanks! The places that I am looking for are like the Mandarin.
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    Chinese buffets There use to be a lot of chinese buffets in the Montreal area. Which ones are good these days? I can just go to a chinese buffet and sit and eat just egg rolls and won ton soup all day. (I was told that these are not realy authentic, but who cares I love the stuff!)
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    Hitch hiking SWs

    Years ago, half of the girls hitch hiking were offering sexual services. You don't seem to see much of that today. Have any of you other hobbyist see any hitch hiking SWs recently?
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    Part time MPs and SPs.

    A fewweeks ago I saw a girl hitch hiking. She was tall and thin about 25 years old, but did not look like the type of girl that was SWing on the street. She was dress in that "individualist" style. (bell hop hat and naru jacket) She said that she was going to St. Denis Street to meet friends. In...
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    WINNERS in the MP, SP, and SW trades.

    This thread is inspired by B1rnpa75, who put out a thread in the strip club section calling all of us hobbyist "losers". I was quick to lash out at her, calling her, and other dancers "losers" Thinking it over, I was too quick to judge. Not all dancers (and MPs , SPs, and SWs are as angry...
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    Ripped off by a SW, SP, or MP?

    Have any of you guys ever been ripped off by a SW, SP, or MP? I was once ripped off by an SW, when she was doing a BJ on me in the car her hands wandered and she got $10 from my pockets, The next time I saw her I placed a wad of Canadian Tire Bills into my pocket. Her game was to do the BJ and...
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    Rx for Viagra You need an Rx in canada for these drugs!
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    Paint you wagon red!

    Thats the tittle of a movie. "Paint your wagons red" was the name of a movie with Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood. There was a Bonanza episode with a wagon load of Ho's in the old west. I think Ben Cartwright and his boys had to defend them from the hoards of bibble ladies that wanted to tear...
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    Second question for SPs

    Information! Thats what it's alla bout, getting 411 on things that are happening in the SP, MP, and nude dancer world.
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