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Part time MPs and SPs.

Captain Kirk

Dec 1, 2003
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A fewweeks ago I saw a girl hitch hiking. She was tall and thin about 25 years old, but did not look like the type of girl that was SWing on the street. She was dress in that "individualist" style. (bell hop hat and naru jacket) She said that she was going to St. Denis Street to meet friends. In the conversation I said that I thought maybe she was late for work or something. (it was about 10:00 A.M.) her comments were that it was too cold to work outside today. Which makes me think that she was refering SW activities. I would like to know how wide spread part time MP ing and SWing is. I suspect that about 75% of the MPs that are 20 years and younger are students doing it part time.

P.S. See my other thread on hitch hiking.
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