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    Bathurst NB area

    Is there any in call or massage action in this area? Not now of course, because pandemic. But I might be spending the summers out there in the future.
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    Laval close massage parlours

    It has already begun. La Maison Mulan, à long time massage parlor in Laval, unexpectedly closed their doors at the beginning of the month. According to the website they are looking for new premises. It seems that the city is making all the places ‘ reapply’ for permits and then refusing them...
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    What is your current marital status?

    On my 2nd marriage. Divorced the first one. With the second for 20+ years. I love her dearly. She has no idea. I'm very circumspect about my activities. It would hurt her. I expect that we will remain together for the long haul. We've been through very rough times and we are older now and have...
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    PK Subban traded to Nashville for Weber

    PK Subban It's being talked about everywhere else, so why not here... I liked the entertainment value the PK brought to the Bell Centre. If I am paying in the $100s to watch a losing team, I might as well be entertained. PK brought that. I don't need to mention his commitment and...
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    Asian incalls busted - MAE, MtlTopEscorts & others --

    Although I enjoy Asian girls, I doubt that I will be visiting any of them, including Mae88, until this blows over. But these things always blow over. It's just media the long view nothing really changes. Not for nothing is it the oldest profession.
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    How to quit the Hobby/Addiction?

    Having been twice married, I have to agree with the above sentiments. I'm still in my 2nd marriage and will remain so. Nonetheless, the romance is gone and we rarely have interesting sex. I have a regular that satisfies my needs completely and another few for quickies. Sometimes I sample...