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    What’s with Asian providers and their lies?

    I can’t be the only one who noticed. It’s to the point I don’t bother anymore because their girls are almost never anything like they advertise. 1. Use models or heavily shopped pics 2. Girls are waaay older than advertised 3. Their stats are nothing like they advertise I know a lot of SP use...
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    An Escort asked for Payment by Steam Gift Card

    Lol come on. This is obviously a scam.
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    Hey I sent you a PM already and sorry to bother you again but do you recall your encounter with...

    Hey I sent you a PM already and sorry to bother you again but do you recall your encounter with Yasmina? The services? I know you don't remember the prices. PM if you can. Thank you.
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    Montreal model Kristyna Martelli 23-Year-Old Dies After 100 Plastic Surgeries

    This thread is old but I doubt I’d trust Snopes over her friends.
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    Any fellow black men here?

    Howdy folks. Been at this hobby for at least 4 years now. I have to say as a black man it’s a good bit harder to find a good SP as a lot of the top ones refuse to see black clients. Sometimes it’s because of attraction but the most common answer I get is bad experiences. Many of us are seen as...
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    Race/Ethinicity Question

    Racism is a very broad term. It is not limited to what you just said. Discriminating someone based on their racial background or ethnicity is racism. Your store example actually works against you. If a store refuses to sell something to a guy because he is black, that's racism. If a service...
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    Agree or disagree, mature escorts are better?

    So I've seen my fair share of girls over the years. I'm still rather young and have seen a lot from agency to massage parlors to independent service providers. One thing I noticed is that while my most mind-blowing experiences have been with rather young girls(19-22) my worst have also been...
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    Post your TDL for 2016

    Lol love the username. Seen Eazy Dick recently?
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    Post your TDL for 2016

    Probably not. I only see hee profile on paradoxx and nowhere else.
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    Post your TDL for 2016

    Jessie Storm I guess. Wonder what her rates are.