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    Your wish list of sp's you would like to see re-appear on the scene

    At this point, I would add Mandy from Vogue to my list. What a gem.
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    Do you repeat with an SP?

    I used to travel to Montreal 2 or 3 times a year specifically for escort vacations. I would always mix new girls with repeats. When you find a girl who has both amazing physical appearance and amazing personality, then you go back for more. For me, a trip to Montreal is something that is planned...
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    should newbies avoid leolist and humpchies at all costs?

    Yes, if you are newbie to Montreal, avoid Leolist and Humpchies. Stick to agencies and\or indies who advertise on merb and have significant reviews. If you start that way, you will find paradise. Once you know what the baseline is, then you feel free to experiment.
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    Alcohol delivery in Montreal

    Thanks but I think I am just going to have one delivered to the SAQ near her condo and have her pick it up.
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    Today I DATY’d

    I hate to break it to you, but I would bet $500 that you werent tasting condom, you were tasting lube. That doesnt mean it was lube from her previous session. Was it an outcall? Did she go to the bathroom before you went to the bedroom?
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    What do you wear on date with Sp?

    I dress up as Dora the Explorer.
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    Alcohol delivery in Montreal

    I did look at that link and it seemed like a big gift backed that includes scotch among other things and you cant pick the scotch. The recipient and I are both scotch snobs and I want to pick the bottle. I dont need a bunch of other stuff to go along with it.
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    What is the longest continuously running agency in MTL?

    Asserissante was my go to agency when I would come up in the mid aughts. Marie Eve was simply amazing and I still remember every minute with her.
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    Alcohol delivery in Montreal

    Guys - I need to have a bottle of hard liquor gift wrapped and delivered to a friend in Montreal sometime in the next few weeks for a birthday. I appreciate all of this discussion, but Alberta doesnt do me any good. Nor does the possibility that a service may come to Montreal months from now. Is...
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    HIV-oral sex

    Ive never met a scientist who mixes up association and causation.
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    Alcohol delivery in Montreal

    I would really like to buy a bottle of scotch, have it gift wrapped and delivered to an address in Montreal for a friend's birthday. I have read that SAQ does home delivery, but I dont think they do gift wrapping and the Scotch selection is not great. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting...
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    Do you book another SP after a disappointing encounter?

    If I have a poor encounter on a Montreal trip, I am particularly careful with my booking the next day. I am much more likely to book a girl I have seen before to ensure that I dont have 2 bad sessions in a row. Years ago, I had one my usual 5 day visits to Montreal and had great sessions on...
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    HIV-oral sex

    this ground has been covered many times.
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    Montreal casinos?

    card counting is something that is useful in blackjack. it is of no use in poker because the single deck is reshuffled on every hand. Your client is correct - counting cards is not a crime in any state. What happens is that if a Casino believes you are card counting, they ban you. Once you are...
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    Exactly - if that is something you want, be clear with her from the start. Also, you better be damn confident that you can indeed get the second pop in. If not, then be clear that you are ok with stopping when time is up. As Patron states, when the appointment is outcall, the hour includes about...