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♥ ♥♥ Petite Masseuse & Companion ♥♥♥ visiting for one day only- April 8


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Mar 23, 2022

Hi Gents,
This is my first time in Montreal and I'm hoping to meet some new faces. Let me introduce myself.

Most who have met me would describe me as a petite firecracker with a sassy attitude. I have a charming personality, seductive eyes and an infectious smile that will leave you wanting more.

As an individual, I consider myself passionate, ambitious and driven by a lust for life. You can find working away at my goals and staying disciplined; but also letting my free spirited nature take over and constantly making spontaneous decisions. I’m currently doing my undergrad and trying to travel as much as I can and meet as many people as I can along the way. I believe my goal oriented, yet non conformist and adventurous ways are what makes me a great companion, because not only does this lifestyle allows me the freedom to chase my goals, but there’s also a sense of thrill as no two days are the same. I’m privileged to be able to meet those from very different walks of life than mine who I wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise. One of my favourite things about this job is constantly meeting new people and making new connections. 1648219742626.png

Maybe this will be the start of a beautiful friendship. I look forward to meeting you. Let's make some sweet memories.

Measurements: 32C, 5'1, 100lbs


Masseuse Rates

30 Mins - $150
45 Mins- $180
1 Hour- $240
1.5 Hour- $300
2 Hours- $350

Companion Rates
1 Hour- $400
1.5 Hour- $500
2 Hours- $600
2.5 Hours - $700
3 Hours- $800
3.5 Hours- $900
4 Hour- $1000

A light screening is mandatory, and can be completed in one of the following ways:

Option 1 Government-issued ID and LinkedIn (must have picture for identification)

Option 2 References from two reputable providers you have met within the past six months


You can find my reviews on Terb.
I will not see anyone without screening information - either Gov't ID or references from two providers you have met.

Email: [email protected]

I look forward to meeting you
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Ashley Madison