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A prostitute's poor performance causes protest.


Still lurking.
Aug 28, 2003
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Picked this up on Aranova, it's of course a copy/paste from that news site.


A Romanian man lodged an official complaint with consumer protection officials after accusing a prostitute of "not doing her best".

Adrian Ionut Craciunoiu, from Gorj county, says he paid the street girl in advance but was not satisfied with the services she supplied.

He told Gazeta de Sud newspaper: "She didn't do her best and even scratched me because she missed some of her teeth.

"I will go to the legal doctor and ask for a medical bulletin which I'll attach to my cause. I was honest with her and paid my debts but what did I get? Bad services and even lesions."

A spokesman for the consumer protection authority said it was the strangest complaint they had ever received.

Ion Tudor, head of the local office in Gorj, said: "This case is a little bit difficult because prostitution is illegal in Romania. But I am going to talk to the police and look for a way to solve it."
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