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Jul 22, 2004
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The Elvis Solution

Dear Mrs King, CEO

Have you given some thoughts about Quality assurance? About Quality Control? Isn`t your first goal to make your customers happy? I am sure it is. But... How can you be sure that this young woman that you want to hire, beyond her voluptuous curves and her gorgeous lips, is truly dedicated to make your clients happy? Is she truly as open minded as she claims she is?

This where ``Elvis and Ass. Inc.`` unique services comes in!...At Elvis and ass. Inc., our world-class team of associates has developed a patented and truly unique procedure, the Elvis Index(TM), that will help you, our unique highly-valued client, thoroughly assess the real value of this candidate. You are looking for a specialist in DFK? Elvis has it! You are looking for a specialist in TC or NTC we have it! We have it all!!

Don`t hesitate! PM us!! Send us your recruits!! For a limited short time, if the candidate brings this post with her, Elvis and Ass. Inc, will do it for free!!! UNbelievable!!

Act now!! Take action!!

Elvis, CEO

``Elvis and Ass. Inc.``
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