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Asbestos - The Daily Show does a report...


The Grim Reaper
Dec 24, 2004
This is amazing and totally unbelievable to see these idiots try to say that asbestos is a safe product. Sure it's from the Daily Show but despite the comedy aspect of the show, it really is a good look at how some people will do anything and sell anything just to make a buck, no matter how many people die from it. I wonder how much of our tax dollars go to subsidize this dying industry.


JH Fan

New Member
May 15, 2008
A loan of about 58 Millions I believe, by the Charest gov.

During the trade mission to India, Charest defended the asbestos...
“The risks associated with its use can be managed under controlled conditions. Banning chrysotile is neither necessary nor appropriate,” Natural Resources Canada said in a statement.

La fibre de chrysotile est actuellement utilisée légalement au Canada, aux États-Unis, en Amérique du Sud et en Asie.

This Asbestos thing is like the the seal hunt.
It should have been stopped a long time ago and replaced with something else to support people into a change in their way of living.