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BEFORE YOU POST: FYI's and Stupid Answers to Smart Questions

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Apr 12, 2004
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Acronyms and Abbreviations:

Etiquette for Hobbyists:

Information and Resources for SP's and Their Clients:

MERB Rules and Posting Guidelines:

MERB Sponsors (Agencies):Ξ-montreal-escort-agencies.33/

MERB Sponsors (Independents):Ξ-montreal-independent-escorts.117/

MERB Sponsors (Massage Parlours):Ξ-montreal-massage-parlors.118/

Montreal Hotels & Apartments Links:

Buyers Beware: Warning of Potential Bait & Switch Providers:’s-beware-warning-of-potential-bait-switch-providers.12296/

Reviewing the last few pages of the MERB Suspensions thread will give you a good idea of what behavior is frowned upon to help you avoid similar penalties:

Edit: added mention of Suspensions thread to the list. M8
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