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FDA Approves Rapid Saliva Test for AIDS Virus



Here is a news item that caught my attention.


No plans to make it available without a prescription, just like pregnancy tests. However a day will come soon.

Social implications if it becomes available without a prescription?

God knows what is going to happen out there around pharmacy parking lots. Without a legal framework to guide us this may turn out to be a big mess for lawyers, the cops, judges, pharmacists, physicians, nurses, you name it! A pregnancy test is not a question of life or death, this is.

Afterthought... I don't know what they are smoking in the White House these days but I want some!!!!
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Mar 20, 2004
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Interesting. weel rubbers say "effective against" not 100% proof. I'm guessing there may be a disclaimer on the Hiv kits as well. Because if one takes the test and comes out clean but DOES have HIV and unknowingly infects other people, it could be major lawsuit time.
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