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Girls 18-24 years old: make $160/hour net + extras + tips comfortably!

Montreal Belles

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Mar 2, 2012
:wave: Hi Girls,

Montreal Belles (mbelles.com) is a new outcall agency with the best conditions for working girls. Our GFE service ( and DFK included) rates are $180 - $220/h while we take only $40 for the first hour and $20 for each additional hour, much less that the other agencies :nod:. Do the math and you see it’s $140 - $180/h net for you. Extras such as COF, CIM, Swallow, Greek (anal), Couples, etc. are at least $20 each that you negotiate with the client. And of course there could always be tips. Occasionally there’s demand for basic service only (CBJ and no DFK) with rates of $140 - $160/h, less rewarding but also easier for you to do. And even basic service here earns you $100 - $120/h net, which is how much you make doing GFE with the other agencies! ;)

With us you don’t have to wait in a driver’s car, like with most other agencies, often miserably for many hours :nono:. You stand by wherever you please, at home for example. We will notify you of an appointment, go pick you up, drive you to client’s place in a very safe and comfortable car, pick you up again at the end of the appointment and drive you to wherever you want to go, back home for example. Also you can choose to work anytime between 12pm - 2am on any day and as much or as little as you want. You see it’s so much more pleasant and flexible with us. :nod:

So if you want to make a lot more money a lot more comfortably, give us a call at (514) 835-7168 or email us at [email protected] and we will fix you an interview, if good, drive you to a studio to have your photos taken, with your face covered, and you will be ready to roll with flying colors!

Thanks a million in advance girls and talk to you soon! :wave:
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