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High class salon-great atmosphere..luxurious... Clean and amazing location $$$$$$$$$$

Apr 9, 2011
If your serious and motivated and got the looks to go with the attitude...then you will do amazing here!We are the first salon in Montreal to add a giant 3d screen 110 inches and no glasses are needed..this is new technology and we will be the first in Canada to have it!it will be epic and will only make our salon even better known then it currently is.We have many regulars and new customers on a daily basis and we expect when you get a new client that you do your best and to convert them into a regular!We base your performance on statistics so its up to you to do well to keep your job...As long as you work with us its guaranteed you and your pockets will be very happy!we are a extremely high class salon and have high expectations from our employees...most of our girls have been with us over 2 years and tey dont plan on leaving soon.

please send us a email with one photo and a lil about yourself..we provide the best atmosphere guaranteed
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