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I’m Like You: Tired of “Meh” Dates

Beatrice Thomas

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Nov 29, 2022

I’m Like You: Tired of “Meh” Dates​


What’s a “meh” date?​

Basically, it’s a date with a person…
  • Who feels super shallow.
  • Who is selfish and self-centered.
  • That seems to want it over with ASAP.
  • That doesn’t connect with you.
  • That makes you feel like you’re worth less than them.

A much better date would be…​

  • … one in which you laugh a lot and share a unique humor connection.
  • … with someone that dives deep into your gaze, making you feel seen and heard.
  • … with a person that is curious about how to please all your senses.
  • … with somebody that makes you feel handsome and desired.
  • … with a person whose vibe immediately dissolves your stress.

That would be a fantastic beginning to something special and meaningful.

28980015 copy.jpg

That’s what I want for you. That’s what I’m good at. That’s why I’m doing it!
I want you to feel welcome, wanted, and good at what you’re doing. I want you to feel special and unique (and that’s not even a challenge because you really are).

I want to make you laugh, and I’m good at it.
I want you to feel comfortable enough to share your desires and fantasies so that I can tell you how normal and valid you are anyway.
I want you to feel sexy in your body, whatever it looks like and no matter your physical capacities.

I’d like to offer you all that during our special time together.

And here is where you can message me to plan that special time for us:

[email protected]

In the meantime, you can start following me on Twitter and Instagram to see my date ideas and announcements!
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