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Mar 22, 2004
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The Expo's move to DC. might not go as planned. It has a couple of snaf-us.
One is that the previous owner(s) feel they somehow got the shaft and there probably will be some litigation. Two is that the city council in DC had voted to approve the funds for the new stadium and were voted out of office for doing so. So don't throw away your Expo's hat yet.



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Dec 15, 2003
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And then? Where do they go?
Montreal former owners were not smart/wise enough to handle businessmen from NY! A pity to hear those guys!
Highly regarded businesmen?
The only one who appeared to react was Jean Coutu!
Ménard a well advised businessmen? One has to wonder!
Expos should leave Montreal, they no longer belong to this City!
They are no longer wanted in Montreal but for a small crowd of 4,000! At the most!

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May 30, 2003
I've been meaning to catch a game while in town... Hopfully they'll stay at least one more year.


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Jun 2, 2003
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Baseball in Montreal

A few years ago I went to see a couple of games in Montreal (Expos vs. Cubs). The price was right and I got great seats (any closer to the field and they would have had to give me a uniform to wear). Both games were well-played and I had a great time.

However, the crowd was sparse and that was a shame because the Expos were playing pretty good ball at the fact they were in first place.

With all due respect to my Montreal baseball-loving friends; if the team can't draw a crowd and if they can't meet expenses then perhaps it only makes sense to move the organization.

Doc Holliday

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Sep 28, 2003
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Medic_565 said:
With all due respect to my Montreal baseball-loving friends; if the team can't draw a crowd and if they can't meet expenses then perhaps it only makes sense to move the organization.
Give the Expos an outdoor stadium (with retractable roof) located downtown, with similar seating capacity to Fenway Park (under 40 000), and Baseball would be revived in Mtl.

The Olympic Stadium situation was just too depressive. For one thing, it's located too far from the downtown area. Taking the 15-20 minute subway ride to the stadium could be a drag. Also the fact that it was a strictly indoors facility for the past 5 years or so. During the summer season, people want to be outside in the beautiful warm and sunny weather. They don't want to be locked up inside. I also happen to hate artificial turf. Sure, it's still being used in many of the stadiums today. However, i think that there's nothing like natural grass for the 'feel' of baseball.


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Jul 21, 2003
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Let 'em go !!! It's like watching an old person suffocating in front of you and not being able to do anything about it for all these years. All the owners since Mr. Brofman have tried to kill the franchise, the Qc owners by their lack of $$$ and vision and Jeffrey Loria just to make himself richer and screw MTLers. The whole sport is sick anyways with the same few teams making it to the world series year after year 'cause they can buy all the players they want.

Please let the expos die peacefully...


Feb 7, 2004
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I totally agree with JaJ. There is nobody who lives around the stadium who just walks down to watch baseball. If they had build on the proposed downtown site, they would have had access to hundreds of thousands of business people pouring out of work who could walk to the game after work the same they do for the Montreal Canadiens. The same thing happens in many US cities as well. Location, location, location!!!!!!!!

Here's another reason why they've had a hard time to get their fans to come out. After losing the best chance they ever had to go to the World Series in 1994 with the strike (which the players won to avoid a salary cap which is destroying baseball), then enduring the fire sales where they had to unload Larry Walker, Marquis Grisom, Tim Raines, Jeff Reardon, Ken Hill, Gary Carter to name the few I can remember, to always lose incredible prospects they develoed in their farm system to free agency (Moises Alou, Pedro Martinez, Vladimir Guerero, Orlando Cabrera and so on), and then to top it all off, have a dirt bag like Jeffrey Loria conspire with Bud Selig to choke the team to death by announcing a contraction they knew they could never do (what happened to Minnesota????), its amazing they continued to draw as well as they did!

In fact, every home opener I've been to including up to this year, has been a sellout, drawing between 43,000 up to almost 50,000 fans (used to have more seats). Unfortunately, after a while, you get tired of never knowing when MLB was going to pull the plug on the Expos.

Personally, I hope the deal does get blocked only to cause Bud Selig maximum grief, and hopefully the owners will figure out that this guy couldn't manage a McDonalds, and get rid of him.
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