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Jul 28, 2011
I had seen that Jennifer from MGF was coming by Moncton which I found interesting, as MGF doesn't usually swing by Moncton. So in order to encourage the agency to send more ladies our way I decided I would book with Jennifer.

I had seen her reviews on other boards that indicated that she was more of the delicate, slow GFE type. That's not usually my style, but I hadn't seen a girl in a while so I figured why not just take it easy? Her pictures were certainly interesting!

The booking through MGF was pretty seamless, I was a bit surprised that they didn't use a two step confirmation system, but the location was delivered well in advance and so there was no issue getting there.

I knocked on the door at the appointed time and was greeted by this petite lovely little thing. Pictures are accurate, but obviously a lot of a time and attention was put in for the photo shoot.

We sat on the bed and started chatting a bit, it wasn't long before we were making out. She does a kind of light DFK, there's definitely tongue involved, just not full on tongue action. Went over the standard set of a positions, CG, Mish, Doggy and Jockey. She's not especially vocal, but you can tell when you're hitting the right spot as her breathing shortens or just momentarily stops for a few seconds.

As I was approaching my limit I told her I was ready to pop and she asked me where I wanted to do it. I didn't expect her to, but was pleasantly surprised when she easily agreed to COF.

After the SOG we didn't have enough time for a second, so we lied down on the bed for a nice chat, she's a lovely girl who's easy to talk to and get along with. I have a feeling that she's the type that the more she gets comfortable with you, the better the session becomes.

I'd probably repeat with her under the right circumstances, mainly my mood leaning more towards a slow encounter than my standard harder and faster type of session.