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Jesse Jane and Mike South In Toronto

Doc Holliday

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Sep 28, 2003
Eastern Canada
Jesse Jane

She also appeared on TSN's "Off the Record" tv show yesterday afternoon, sitting next to Canadian Idol's Ben Mulroney. She was in town to promote an upcoming movie on Viewer's Choice (pay tv). She was a great guest and showed that she had quite a bit of knowledge of sports. Among her many insights, she indicated she felt hockey players were more humble and easier to like than other athletes.

Months ago, pornstar Devon was on the show, and didn't fare as well as Jesse did. She came out as being a bit of a dunce. One of my all-time favorite guests on the show? None other than porn legend Ron Jeremy, who's been on the show a few times. I actually bumped into him last fall, and he's actually one of the most down-to-earth celebrities you'll ever get to meet. To my great surprise, he mentionned to me that he had visited Montreal in the past, and loved it. Other tidbit: Montreal is one of Jay Leno's all-time favorite cities to visit. He loves it's "joie-de-vivre" and european feel.

Anyone watch the Miss Universe pageant last night? Va-va-voom!!! My favorite was 3rd runner-up, though.....Miss Paraguay.
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