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Mike Wallace R.I.P.

Doc Holliday

One of the old guys
Sep 28, 2003
Eastern Canada
NEW YORK — Mike Wallace didn’t interview people. He interrogated them. He cross-examined them. Sometimes he eviscerated them.

His reputation was so fearsome that it was often said that the scariest words in the English language were “Mike Wallace is here to see you.”

Wallace, who pitiless, prosecutorial style transformed television journalism and made “60 Minutes” compulsively watchable, died Saturday night at a care facility in New Canaan, Conn., where he had lived in recent years, CBS spokesman Kevin Tedesco said. He was 93.

Until he was slowed by heart surgery as he neared his 90th birthday in 2008, Wallace continued making news, doing “60 Minutes” interviews with such subjects as Jack Kevorkian and Roger Clemens. He had promised to still do occasional reports when he announced his retirement as a regular correspondent in 2006.

Wallace, whose career spanned 60 years, said then that he had long vowed to retire “when my toes turn up” and “they’re just beginning to curl a trifle. ... It’s become apparent to me that my eyes and ears, among other appurtenances, aren’t quite what they used to be.”

Among his later contributions, after bowing out as a regular, was a May 2007 profile of GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, and an interview with Kevorkian, the assisted suicide doctor released from prison in June 2007 who died June 3, 2011, at age 83.

In December 2007, Wallace landed the first interview with Clemens after the star pitcher was implicated in the Mitchell report on performance enhancing drugs in baseball. The interview, in which Clemens maintained his innocence, was broadcast in early January 2008.

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Well-Known Member
May 11, 2003
CLAVIE you should put your head back in the sand....where it rightfully belongs.

If Farrakahn (who was in Quadafi`s pocket) is your hero, then you have some serious moral issues.


Jun 15, 2005
I think he was a good inquirer, an ok journalist. Where he f-up good is as a parent. For god sake, his son is one of the stupids at Faux news, Chris Wallace. Compare to Chris, Mike is a genius journalist. My 2 cents.

pyjama guy

Jun 22, 2006
Thank you Mod and I now understand why you deleted my post in response to Clavie. Mission accomplished.
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