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Mobile first to avoid continuouly zooming in and out

Sir William

May 22, 2019
Great job on the new website.

God (Google) is indexing websites using a mobile crawler. Ratings of websites and position in search results is based mainly on mobile user experience that represents according to latest stats 60% of browsing traffic.

In order to browse posts or even be able to read the initial forum page the text is so small and unreadable that on mobile browsing I have to zoom in and continuously scan the page ---> bad user experience and back to the old mobile unfriendly website.

A mobile first or responsive design makes that all content is legible no matter the display size without zooming.

Being that merb primary source of revenue is advertising you can insert banners every 3 or 4 posts in a thread - not after every post.

Use staging instead of putting the website down for maintenance.

You should also implement a 301 redirect for as you are losing a lot of traffic and many years of link building due to that link saying under maintenance.

The bottom line is better user experience and content that in return pleases God and brings you up in rankings - hollistic Search Engine Optimization. Webmasters and website owners that sell advertising want to please God.

And please don't put back the pop up page it's bad user experience and also God heavily penalizes that in rankings for search results. God will bitch slap you way down in search results for your keywords. No penalty for exit banners or exit pop ups though.

Keep up the great work it's a never ending quest.
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