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My 4 Nights in Montreal - Night Three

Robert 21

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Aug 8, 2004
Hello !

My 4 Nights in Montreal - Night Three
Tuesday 8/10th - We checked out Churchill Pub 1445 Crescent (514) 288-3814 for the 5-7 p.m. Happy Hour. A Good Place to Sit Outside and People Watch. I had 4 Rum/Cokes (I think it was $5 CDN for each Round of Drinks).

Of course we got caught in the p.m. Down Pour.
We ran to the Mount Royal Shopping and took the Peel Green Line Subway to Pie-IX (10 Stops), $5 CDN for a Rndtrip.

We had Tickets to the Expos/Diamondbacks Game @ Olympic Stad. I bought the Tickets Online: $44.50 CDN
We sat in the Blues/V.I.P. Sec 101 Rw SS, 6 Rows right behind Home Plate. We had 5 Radar Guns next to us.
The Molson Beers were $5.25 CDN in the Seats.
The Expos beat Randy Johnson/AZ 4-0 before 8386 Fans (funny to see Baseball Indoors....we saw 1 spot behind Home where the Rain was Dripping Down onto the Seats).
For some reason, 2 Guys ran onto the Field, to be escorted Off by Security.

It's too bad Baseball is Leaving Montreal...........

Thanks !


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Mar 28, 2004
If only I knew...
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...Last time I went to montreal, I got stuck in traffic for nearly 2 hours on the 40, near Cote de Liesse. It was around 15:31 on a nice Friday afternoon and the outside temperature was near 30C. With the price of gas ($0.91/L) I must have wasted $5 just there! Then I took Decarie towards the south shore. Damn! I tought it was jammed on the 40!! It was worst there!...
Ok, enough with my adventures... LOL!! :)

Don't know if it's only me but... What would it look like if everybody going to Montreal would post a daily résumé of their non-hobbying activities? There is a lot of peoples reading this forum who go to Montreal!
I know it's "The lounge" here but still, is there a point to these posts? Sharing info is good but...

I'm not complaining, it's only a remark to share an impression so please, don't flame me! If you don't agree, it's your right but, it's mine to make the remark. Remember: stay civilized!
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