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May 30, 2003
I've been visiting the downtown Montreal area for years now, and have been making a "Reality Film Series" based on those trips. People that have seen them have likened them to a cross between Jackass! & Insomniac.

So far 4 out of the 5 movies in the "One For The Road" series were filmed in downtown Montreal, and feature a number of interesting characters we've met in and around the strip clubs in the Ste. Catherine's area. And Volume 6 is on the way.

We are also in production on the movie "SHOW THE GOLD: a documentary" which stars Club Downtown's own Rebecca Jade.:D It's a mockumentary based on the making of a independent film.

Trailers for all the "One For The Road" movies are up on the web site, along with pictures from the movies. (see link in my signature)

And the first trailer for "SHOW THE GOLD" along with 50 Behind-The-Scenes photos are also up on the site.

I'm just posting this here because I'm looking for some feedback on what people think. And I figured the movies would interest a lot of you here on the board.

I'll be back up on Nov. 13th, as it says below, and we'll be shooting footage for "One For The Road Vol. 7" & "SHOW THE GOLD: a documentary"


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Mar 22, 2004
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EGB`s right. Get a new camera man (Was he shitfaced?) But it`s better than that asshole Michael Moore`s movies. Oh by the the way who`s the babe by the ATM machine? Is she a HDH or a LDL? `s, DATY, MSOG`s ect?

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