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my next trip


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Apr 3, 2003
New York City, USA
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I came back on Wed night after a great 4 day trip and while I didn't make all of the connections I wanted to..I still had a great time. I am already starting to plan my next visit...but one experience with the summer crowds was more than enough for me. I have visited in May, and November in the past..but was interested in hearing from all you Montreal natives...When is the best time to come back up??

I was planning on following Oliver's advice and come up in the beginning of the month, probably mid-week. Is September still busy??? any festivals or major events? (If I came up it would be the 1st-4th)...or should I wait until Ocotber ( 6-9th)??

I would appreciate your feedback..from all viewpoints..from the club scene to independant outcalls to the street women (for all three-- when is a slow time for they are a little more "hungry" for business)

Thanks in advance


I will post some of my experiences ( good and bad) from my last trip soon