"Secret Diaries of a Call Girl" Anyone watch this?


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Sep 4, 2006
This series is being shown on Showtime in the US, no clue if it is available in Canada yet. The star (actress Billie Piper, fellow geeks will recognize her as Rose from Doctor Who) plays the role of an SP in London. I think its quite entertaining for a hobbyist, but I don't know how other people perceive it.

Some of the stuff rings really true, like when the SP tells the viewers exactly how to spot an SP in a hotel, and certain things SP's do to try to maximize the clients pleasure (e.g. make him come early in the session to get the endorphins going). There are also some funny parts like when a client books her for all nighter - except she doesnt sleep, gets bored and picks up someone in the bar and moonlights for a while before her client wakes up. I always thought an "SP cheating on her client" was an oxymoron but now I see how that statement could be true!

The show also covered topics like B&D and S&M, stupid clients, threesomes, reviews on message-boards like this and keeping her secret life from family and friends.

Anyways, I was curious if any other MERBites watch this show and what do they think of it.


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Dec 24, 2004
I posted about this show last November:


Great show and worth watching for everyone. Nice to see a series that doesn`t automatically dump crap all over the subject of escorts. I`ve recommended the show to a number of people and all who watched it enjoyed it very much. It`s easy to find and download on the net.

And for those who have seen it and enjoyed it, season 2 is coming up in September.


Miss Maya Blue

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Sep 20, 2006
i love that show. i got together with my two SP friends and watched 4 episodes back to back and laughed our heads off.

its a lovely show and quite well done/accurate.

i adore that it is a positive, frank account too