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sexy4u_mtl.... line-up for tuesday


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Jan 6, 2012
receiving you downtown today...

Kim, (NEW), black, 5'10" 125lbs 36C, long black hair, 18 yrs old
Maya, 5'4", 115lbs 36DD, long brown hair, 22yrs old, open-minded
Vanessa, 5'9", 120lbs 36C, long brown hair, 26 yrs old, open-minded
Annie, mature, 5'6", 125lbs 36C, long dirty blond hair, 35 yrs old

for tonight...***

Maeva, (haitian), 5'5", 100lbs 34B short brown hair, 22 yrs old
Gabrielle, 5'2" 100lbs, 34B, long blond hair, 23 yrs old
Vicky, (NEW), 5'3", 105lbs 34B, strawberry blond hair, 25 yrs old
Heidi, (european), 5'9" 125lbs 36C, long auburn hair, 29 yrs old, open-minded

***schedules are subject to change***

call 514-973-5008 to schedule an appointment
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