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was wondering?


Sep 2, 2004
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Maybe am just getting old...But i was thinking about all the SP ive had..And am not sure if i would recognize one in the street i cant remember there face.Sometimes i walk in the street and see some girl that look like the SP ive seen but cant tell if it her or not.Can you recognize the SP, if you were in the street?
All i know is i wouldnt talk to the SP if i saw one in the street that ive seen.And i hope no SP comes into my office one day ill be shy...I work as a doctor and sometimes gynecologist..How embarrasing would this be,i would just act as if i've never seen her in my life i think that the best thing to do...I pay for a service and to never see the girl again....***business is business and out of business hour i dont know you...:cool:
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