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^-^ XOXO----JOLIE MASSAGE -Today schedule May 7, 8 new therapist Charlotte , Hot Girls Giving massage ( downtown, Atwater, ... ) ——^_^XOXO

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Jan 9, 2021

Location A: rue Buchan , 438-927-6377 (text ,call) Decaries/Jean Talon

Location B: rue Delisle ,514 -699- 5577 (text ,call ) Near Marché Atwater

Buchan :Kate(sensual Pro) ,Viviane , Annie

Delisle: Zoe , Cathy (new)

special booking Sunday May 8 :

Charlotte (New)

Lulu ( Student )

Our ladies:

Sophia (new) : 24 yr, 5',3, 112 lbs She is new , !!! She is our sweetheart! she is definitely a keeper! she Just graduated from French school, super cute and soft voice,obedient attitude, pretty face to toe , has a SEXY BODY YOU DREAM FOR , gentle hands your body melts in her sweet dreams She is just so cute it is HARD TO RESIST HER PRETTINESS! ^-^ Sophia is very open minded and will have you coming back again and again and again! book her now .

Amanda ( new) 25 yr, 5',3, 120 lbs She is new, She is non Asian in our team ,beautiful face vey nice body , Professional Training ,believe me take her 90 M is not enough , offer Ashiatsu , Swedish , Californian massage .5y experience offer thérapeutique massage ,she is a very caring and loving person from bottom of my heart .

Charlotte (new) : she is new in a team, beautiful face tall and slim elegant and charming sweet smile make you relaxing and troubles,this girl she is specializes in giving you a VERY sensual massage deep tissue massage medium pressure . she is ready and you?

Cathy (new) : 25 college student , pretty angel ,just got in this field , She has a really hot small body beautiful smile , she provide professional massage with medium pressure . Jolie love to do 4 hands with her , guide her with patience I bate you will would come back see her soon .

Zoe: 31 yr, 5'4, 117lbs Zoe's specialties lie in DEEP TISSUE massage. She really knows how to apply pressure! This is the girl you book when your bones and muscles are tired after a long week at work! She has an amazing attitude and she loves to tease! She'll make sure you leave with a smile on your face!! She is even trained in Ashiatsu and knows how to apply that same deep tissue massage with her knees and feet! YOU MUST TRY IT AT LEAST ONCE!!!!

Viviane: 21yr, 5'2, 102 lbs Viviane is our youngest and most pure girl! She is actually a student going to school here from Hong Kong! If you are looking for someone who is SUPER HOT, SUPER BEAUTIFUL , with long black hair, she is the one for you! She is cute from head to toe ,and as a trained therapist she will make sure to give you one of the best massages of your life!! Amazing Fun!!! Come and Check Her Out!

Annie: 25yr, 5'4, 107 What can we say about Annie that tons of reviews have not said already?! This girl is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. SERIOUSLY. She specializes in giving a VERY UNRUSHED and SENSUAL experience. She will work you into a frenzy as she glides her hands all over your body in her TIGHT LEGGINGS that show off her amazing features You will leave happy, guarantee!

Lulu: 21 yr, 5',3, 115 lbs Everyone LOVES Her !!! She is our sweetheart! she is definitely a keeper! She is a cute and small size with a cute face, cute body and an obedient attitude! She is just so cute it is HARD TO RESIST HER PRETTINESS! Even Jolie fell in love with her and you will too! ^-^ Lulu is very open minded and will have you coming back again and again and again!

Luna: 27yr, 5'4, 110 lbs Luna is the girl you pick when you just arent sure what you want! Did you want a deep tissue massage and really get into those aches and pains or are you after a more soft and sensual experience full of teasing? Either way, Luna has got you covered! She is one of our more adventurous girls and is very open minded. This girl aims to please and won't let you leave until you are grinning ear to ear!

Emily: 31y, 5’2, 115 lbs Emily provides one of our most professional massages! If your main goal is to get a FANTASTIC massage, super great pressure. Jolie gets massage form her at least once a week . You simply can’t go wrong with Emily! She is an all natural beauty with silky black hair and milky, full C-cup breasts and a sweet and innocent face. Come and witness her natural beauty while she relieves you of all your stress!

Kate: 35 yr, 5’4, 120 lbs Kate is definitely one of our most FUN and BUBBLY girls! She will make you smile and grin as she crawls all over you while giving you either a STRONG or SENSUAL style massage, she can do both! Kate is our bustiest girl with a beautiful pair of natural D breasts! Come and have her slide them all over you! You will be coming back for more guaranteed!

Nana: 25yr , 5’3, 110 lbs Nana is brand new to this industry! She used to be an office girl but decided to embrace her wild side once she met up with Jolie! Have you ever wanted to get a massage from your beautiful Asian coworker? Because now you can! While she has not been giving massages for a long time we can promise you that she is VERY open minded and naughty for you guys that like to see a little more skin!

Lina: 24 yr, 5’1, 111 lbs Lina is a certified trained massage therapist and knows how to give an amazing massage also SENSUAL MASSAGE . She can’t wait to meet new friends and get to know you. She has AMAZING communication skills very fun to talk with . She will be very willing to make sure that you want to come back to see her again and again and again! SHE GOT VERY SOLF HANDS tell her what you want she will make you happier then ever . You will love her beautiful face, long brown hair and amazing body !Check her out…

Melissa: 26 yr, 5’0, 95 lbs Melissa is Jolies protege! If you like Jolie, you will LOVE Melissa! She is small and cute like Jolie and and when you see her you will want to put her in your pocket and keep her forever! She will give you a very soothing and relaxing massage with medium pressure. She is a real Keeper! Try her today and you will be booking your next appointment before you know it!

Viki (new ,trained therapist ) Height: 5'3 "Weight: 119 , a real good attitude , provides quality deep tissue ,certified therapist with 6Y experience . provide quality massage and SUPER SENSUAL MASSAGE . Recommend by Jolie CHECK HER OUT...

Bella (24 yrs, 5'3, 106 lbs) Bella is the newest addition to our team! The moment you put your eyes on this Asian angel you will know you made the right decision! She provides a very sensual experience with medium pressure and full of teasing. You will be treated like royalty with her! She is very open minded and if you try her just once you will be making your second appointment before you leave!!! you deserve to be treated like a king!

Suki: 27yr, 5'5 , 115 lbs . This girl she is very cheerful outgoing personality, flexible to meet different requirements.If you need a sensual experience will be a top option ! She is one of our more adventurous girls and is very open minded. This girl aims to please and won't let you leave until you are grinning ear to ear! FUN and BUBBLY ! She has long black hair pretty face like a angel . She loves to communicate and make sure she deliver the good service.



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