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Roxane Massage à domicile.  
J'ai déjà eu un massage de Roxane jeune fille maximum 30 ans toute menu 5 pied 90 livre mais le massage était strictement professionnelle.Y a tu quelqu'un qui a eu un service avec elle avec extra?//--> Posted by douceur1960  
Cindy Certified massage theripist 514 553 9920  
Advertises on kijji,receives in ndg.She receives you and does the massage in a white medical coat(for thoses of you who like that )The place is clean and every where is the color white just like a med//--> Posted by PaulRoy69  
Katy on merb indy adds  
I saw her. Place is nice/clean. She gives a good, soothing massage, followed by covered options. About 5'5", GND type, a few extra pounds (around the middle). Great/fantastic natural DDs. Shower a//--> Posted by Roasted  
Jenny; Chinese woman in St-Hubert 514-xxx-2877  
I am sure she has been asked before, give it a try.//--> Posted by Aficionado  
Jade - Indy  
Jade had been advertising on annonce123, with Ariane, but seems to have disappeared. Anyone know where she's gone? Enjoyed her at Mascarade and have a trip coming up, would love to see her. Thanks//--> Posted by irlandais  
meilleur massage avec finition  
Bonjour je recherche un vrai bon massage avec finition. Si possible une indépendante qui reçoit chez elle pas dans un salon. Montréal, Laval ou Rive-Sud. Merci à l'avance les gars.//--> Posted by sergiobodrito  
Lily annonce 123 7227  
saw a few days ago, she advertise on ann 123 438 8677227, the pics are fake not even close, she 5'8 Quebecoise average looks pair shape, small b's , should have bolted then and there, but no I gave //--> Posted by corn123  
6065 rue Monk  
Foto,clear your box its full,tried to pm you.//--> Posted by foto55  
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