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Sissy @ Da Tang  
Ha! I was going to ask the same thing!//--> Posted by Kryptozy  
5702 Sherbrooke West - Ichiban  
The place was closed for a while and another one reopened at the same address recently. They told me it's under new management now, but I was not a customer back then, so I don't know if that's true.//--> Posted by newbie1918  
KC Massotherapie  
I contacted her. Unfortunately, she is legit and very strict with rules concerning draping. No interest for people on this forum.//--> Posted by fcannavaro  
massage with blonde bombshell Lacey  
Yes I did... lots of different ads but all her , same pics and phone #? Guess shes legit. I will take a chance and report back//--> Posted by crossbreed  
Juliawithlove - Massage  
I have been able to meetup with Julia not too long ago for a massage. Location is very central, easy to find and a great looking-condo (very clean and modern). Julia is a good looking girl, speaks en//--> Posted by quebecaparis  
Liza 6982  
Not sure but I think that Liza and Anita from balance may be the same woman. Perhaps someone can confirm ?//--> Posted by nicknickolas  
Massage Espaces du coeur  
Les boys,pourquoi toujours essayer d'étirer l'élastique jusqu'à temps qu'il ce qu'elle offre ne vous convient pas,y'en a plein d'autre qui offre plein d'option! Ce qu'il va arriver avec //--> Posted by douceur1960  
Tracey Massotherapie  
Saw her this week and I feel that she might offer extras after a few visits. Massage was legit but there was a lot of flirting going on. I'm a 28 good looking athletic guy so that might be the reason //--> Posted by djlucky7  
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