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Salon Les Maitresses  
any website ?//--> Posted by jft  
Jenny in Pierrefonds  
Came across AD on Kijiji and decided to TOFTT, phone number ending in 1088. Jenny works out of her home home in Pierrefonds, she is asian in her late 30's / early 40's. Gives one heck of a massa//--> Posted by suspected_file_swapper  
Lydia in CDN  
I may have visited her 10 times in the last 14 months. Romanian lady, 50 something, big belly, not a looker but very nice person. She give a very good massage and the finish is included in the price. //--> Posted by chucky  
Lie-Anne - Massage dans Kijiji - 438 """-1946  
I actually had a great experience with her. Add was real picture in a flowery dress sitting on steps I believe. You have to tell her what your looking for. New in business. Was very flexible wore glas//--> Posted by Machiavel  
REMINDER - This Section Is For Reviews and Followup Questions ONLY!!!!  
Topics beginning with a question belong in the Escort 411 section. (example: "Who is the best provider?") Posts remindin//--> Posted by Mod20  
Roxane Massage à domicile.  
J'ai déjà eu un massage de Roxane jeune fille maximum 30 ans toute menu 5 pied 90 livre mais le massage était strictement professionnelle.Y a tu quelqu'un qui a eu un service avec elle avec extra?//--> Posted by douceur1960  
Cindy Certified massage theripist 514 553 9920  
Advertises on kijji,receives in ndg.She receives you and does the massage in a white medical coat(for thoses of you who like that )The place is clean and every where is the color white just like a med//--> Posted by PaulRoy69  
Katy on merb indy adds  
Where is here ad?//--> Posted by Roasted  
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