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Amy Japanese geisha 438-792-5085  
Received in the villeray are not far from cremazie in an appartment. Geisha type atmosphere takes your coat and shoes at entrance. Guides you to shower. Excellent massage removes her atire and bodysli//--> Posted by kinyo  
Irina - Massage Tantrique 514-699-4182  
Une concurrente à Nathalie, coin Amherst et Sherbrooke E (voir revues) ? Deux MILF russes ?//--> Posted by Loblaw  
Ana Laval 0566  
Après un accouchement pour certaines femmes il reste du gras et des bourrelets autour de la taille. Je crois que c’est ça qu’il veut dire.//--> Posted by nucleus030  
Tania number ending with 1117  
The girl in the picture is Julie Meka.... So no that is not "Tania" in the picture//--> Posted by TIMEVXR  
Single ou duo Longueuil #9003  
The latino girl advertises a lot. She gives a decent massage, lots of teasing. So far so good. Then she offers the option, you say yes and in the blink of an eye she gets you to come. Yeurk ! Told to //--> Posted by bigtitslover  
TOFTT: Chingly - massage de tes rêves  
She advertises in therapeutic massage section of ann123. I took a plunge some time ago and went back recently because I meant to write a review and wanted to be sure... This bubbly Chinese lady is po//--> Posted by vagulo  
Ange-Masseuse Indy (514)*437-3252  
Nogiki She may also advertise for massage but what she is is an escort//--> Posted by franck0607  
Beaute Moiselle-998 stlaurent-professional massage only 514-871-8886  
Might be oliver.....he had great street adventures and posted photos... Although his writing was more erratic.. Is Bob Crane comming back also????//--> Posted by Darius D Pringle  
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