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Emmanuel Caressens...  
Eltouito? El-Twitto? Or El-Shillo? Elle sont tentantes? I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. :) Alfie//--> Posted by eltouito  
5777 Decarie  
I stop there, when I saw the sign massage. It's in a basement of the building. A girl bring me to a room, I took a shower and I lay down on the matrix. The room has no decoration, no mirror. The //--> Posted by Waigin  
Massage Pussy Corps  
I remember when this place was a SSHJ place... you'd go there and put on the charm and 50% of the time you'd get an actual HJ and the other 50% you'd get more!//--> Posted by interferon  
Excellent massage thérapeutique #6023  
Oui je veux aller la voir aussi, elle semble bien jolie à tous points de vue!!! Un vrai bon Massage c'est toujours bien et encore mieux quand on se fait gâter... Ce serait bien si on pouvait en voir //--> Posted by FYB  
Kara (asian) Ahuntsic kijiji  
TOFF. Nice lady, means well. THE BAD Weak shower flow. Noisy (husband + Young kids screaming upstairs) Fully covered no sensuality no nothing. Tries by all means to sell you the therapeutic //--> Posted by Mike Gauvin  
Masso kino st hubert  
Anyone ever been there, small massage place on chemin chambly,only reason i think they might offer more than usual is that all windows are frosted and lock on door,have to be buzzed in? pm if you feel//--> Posted by nicknickolas  
TOFT : Nouvelle à Laval (*.8263)  
Found this ad on Craigslist, supposedly from a 25 years old sensual chinese girl, new in the business, offering a professional massage with a 'fin joyeuse', prostate massage available. https:///--> Posted by Yvain  
Véronique et ses demoiselles  
Je suis de la region leurs annonces m'attiraient. Peut-on avoir plus qu'une finale manuelle? Je cherche un endroit où on peut terminer en 69//--> Posted by Kling  
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