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TOFT, Lily 8832 chinese use to be in terrebonne  
514-627-8832 Why do you recommend to stay away? You didn't really elaborate on this. What was wrong exactly? Massage, extras, fees?//--> Posted by sportsdude  
Massage domicile  
click above to read more Posted by connie  
Fraud Fraud Fraud :( :( :(  
click above to read more Posted by Doggyluver  
6955 Taschereau, Brossard - 450-462-0001  
Other salons were at the same address before, but I understand the place had been under a new ownership since the fall of 2016, therefore I am starting this new thread. This place is located in the b//--> Posted by bushleague  
ah la belle Marilou de retour en public! Et oui,avant(vl quelques annes)elle recevait dans un salon sur concorde laval,dans un sous sol,sous un resto chinois! quel service cette belle femme au yeu//--> Posted by lovermilf  
Asian Massage parlours in Miami-Ft.Lauderdale  
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3423 St Denis  
Good review Paulroy and thank you for the review.When you say they close early ,what is early and possibly a phone number..Thanks//--> Posted by PaulRoy69  
Alice GAo Went to see Alice today, saw //--> Posted by Aficionado  
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