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St-Rose Blvd. Erotic club and sports bar - location of the old 369? Any info??  
Club 369 is a big waste of time. It is owned by that same Lebanese owner who owns L'Exibe... He installed cameras everywhere including the booths, the booths got chairs with armrests. All measures des//--> Posted by goodtimer  
Something similar to Toronto's Cannonball Cabaret in Montreal?  
This is my first post to MERB, posted many years ago a bit on PERB. Currently living down in Minnesota right now. To my question, I'll be in town for one night, Feb 21st, I've seen the high price of//--> Posted by yobkadon  
Best strip club for tonight?  
Want to hit a club (or clubs) tonight with my boys. Where should we go (or not go)?//--> Posted by odyssey  
Open Strip Clubs on Xmas  
I'm bored out of my mind tonight and figured, hey, I've spent so much for gifts all around this xmas, why not spend even more money at a trip club tonight. Problem is, it seems most (if not all) strip//--> Posted by Useraccount  
L'Accroche Coeur St-Colomban  
This place is not a strip club but there are serveuses sexy for breakfast and lunch and some pornstar like Leena Rey are working as barmaid. Sometimes there are special shows like wet t-shirt. Good id//--> Posted by El Loco  
Little Strip Club help?  
Hey guys. I'll be in Cornwall for a week. Wondered what the best closest SC is to there. I know a couple closed. Any advice? Thanks//--> Posted by MojoRisin'  
What is wrong with strip clubs lately??  
Last time I was at a club it was somewhat OK......but now?? What has happened? Was at Deeses in Laval .....horrible!!! What has happened to the stripclub scene? Girls asking for 20$ a dance ??? Are yo//--> Posted by sontos  
Seeking MIKA from Nuden / Playmate (Ottawa)  
Seeking MIKA from Nuden / Playmate (Ottawa). Dirty blonde, gorgeous face, she used to work daytimes at Nuden, I miss her a lot. I'm posting here in case Mika has moved to Quebec. Ottawa is clos//--> Posted by monboy  
Alexia @ Chez Paree  
click above to read more Posted by AndyRickman  
Stripper with dreads  
This young lady is pale skinned, dark-haired with attached dreads. Numerous tattos, some piercings, really interesting to talk to. Kind of goth/emo/punk looking with small breasts, thunder thighs and//--> Posted by Skin  
Best strip club for a couple?  
I am coming into town next week, first visit in a really long time, and I am bringing a friend with me (she's a very attractive lady who loves strippers), so Saturday night before we play at or hotel //--> Posted by unretired  
Jennifer from back in the days  
HI guys anyone ever see Jennifer used to work at Champion the moved to 10-35 tall blonde, big man mades, good looking girl thanks//--> Posted by jeffthedrunk101  
Strip club questions/recommendation for a stag party from Vancouver  
Hey guys, i'm from vancouver and a member on the PERB board there. My and my buddy's are coming to your fine city in a couple of weekends to celebrate a stag. Already got a list on the escort side (//--> Posted by johnny_stranger  
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