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Cabaret Trésor Caché  
Hi Guys. Anyone went there, new club on Ste. Catherine Street. The website mentioned that it is the sister club of Les Amazones. Could not find any info on it anywhere. What are the prices there//--> Posted by Otiluke  
New strip club opened?  
I went there a few weeks ago on a Saturday night. I was curious since I often go to the Pink Paradise and found new review about the Moon Strip Club. Now I know why ! LOL Went there at around 8h30 p//--> Posted by sontos  
any info about club in West end?  
Sources du sexe has a great lunch menu ... club sandwich and pizza used to be really good and cheap//--> Posted by oldcowboy2008  
best club at the moment? coming into town this long weekend..  
Best clubs downtown would be Club Downtown or Les Amazones although Les Amazones is a bit out of downtown. Both clubs got reasonable prices and lots of hot young slim girls. But do not expect mileage //--> Posted by dudewheresmycar  
Higher end club in Montreal?  
Higher end club just means you pay to get in, you pay to be seated, you pay for your drink, you pay for the waitress to bring you the drink, you pay to wash your hands in the bathroom, you pay to go i//--> Posted by RolexGTR  
SCs with happy hour.  
CLEO still does it from 10 to 10:30 pm (2 for 1) (except friday and saturday if I'm right). Probably other periods in the day but someone else has to confirm.//--> Posted by Richard Starkey  
All Asian strip club  
Montreal tity bars are the worst for racial variety... The racial mix is artificially controlled to ensure it is 97% French Canadians. Having said that Asians are a rarity. Toronto has the Fairbanks H//--> Posted by A-Cup Lover  
Bar O'gascon...???  
As far as I know it's a clean legit club, you have nothing to worry about.//--> Posted by Alyssa Roze  
Strip Clubs that cater to bachelor parties  
Sorry for the bump but I was wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. We are on Rue Boyer and would like a decent club that provides extras. Obviously we want a club that //--> Posted by Sbutler  
Most unexpected sex experience  
click above to read more Posted by marky1234  
Tiny black dancer with a scar on her chest  
Hi, I'm wondering if anybody has seen this stripper lately: *Black, young, xtra-xtra-small (maybe 95 lbs) *Giant breasts, with a scar (peanut-size) on one of them. Looked very natural, but coul//--> Posted by greenpig  
St-Rose Blvd. Erotic club and sports bar - location of the old 369? Any info??  
Club 369 is a big waste of time. It is owned by that same Lebanese owner who owns L'Exibe... He installed cameras everywhere including the booths, the booths got chairs with armrests. All measures des//--> Posted by goodtimer  
Something similar to Toronto's Cannonball Cabaret in Montreal?  
This is my first post to MERB, posted many years ago a bit on PERB. Currently living down in Minnesota right now. To my question, I'll be in town for one night, Feb 21st, I've seen the high price of//--> Posted by yobkadon  
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