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Any clubs open on Canada Day?  
I don't know what the norm is for this but wouldn't mind hitting a club if one is open today.//--> Posted by mack  
List of contact dance price, cover charge & booth fee at clubs in downtown area  
Fill in the blanks and correct any incorrect info: Chez Paree: $15/dance, $5 cover, $5 booth fee Wanda's: $15/ dance, $10 cover, $10 booth fee Club Downtown: $15/danc//--> Posted by CaptRenault  
Off-island clubs  
I am hardly an expert but Le Vegas in Longuieul sounds promising. I googled Montreal strip clubs and then zoomed out and re-searched to find another by the airport but it looks like a local place. P//--> Posted by strongguy  
Laval Clubs - Info  
Hello! I rented a nice cottage in Laval and was wondering if there is any entertainment worth seeking. The threads on Laval clubs I've seen here are pretty light and some are closed. Any recommendati//--> Posted by Texasjones  
Sunday afternoon reco?  
Hi folks - I just moved to Montreal. I wanna spend the afternoon at a SC and wondering which is the best? Thanks so much for your help.//--> Posted by Mr. Saturday Night  
Downtown Montreal vs Laval  
For tourist I would suggest staying in downtown Montreal. With the unfamiliarity of the burbs and travel time it would not be worth the effort.//--> Posted by Rampage456  
Crazy Moon Laval  
Not surprised at all. Every club that opened up in the exact location was always dead and eventually shut down. Location is the problem. Even though Pink Paradise tried to move its operations there th//--> Posted by anonim1996  
Suggestions on a weekend trip to Montreal Strip Clubs downtown.  
Hello, guys. A friend and I are planning a weekend trip to Montreal in May. We will be arriving in town on a Friday morning.We are looking for suggestions for some good strip clubs for lunchtime crowd//--> Posted by falcon13  
Mature stripper  
Which club has many mature strippers (30-50 years old) ?//--> Posted by Funkyman  
Police raids in strip clubs  
We often talk about police crack downs etc. Raids on clubs etc. But does anyone know how this actually goes down? Has anyone actually witnessed this? How do the cops actually nail a guy with his pants//--> Posted by sinbad  
So buying a lap dance is technically illegal?  
Read the weirdest thing today on Wikipedia. According to the Wikipedia page for lap dance; it's technically illegal to purchase a lap dance as of 2014 in Canada. They can sell you a lap dance, but if //--> Posted by figuroxxx  
Good clubs near public transport  
There's the solid gold, easily accessible by bus. There's also the crazy moon in Laval. It's 5 minutes from the orange line, easily accessible. The least accessible is probably the bar le Vegas in lon//--> Posted by figuroxxx  
Whoever's calling the shots at L'Axe have lost their minds  
I went by L'Axe on Friday evening. I wasn't going to be able to stay long but figured I might get 2 or three dances. Went to the booths with a girl, paid the $5 booth charge and was given the options //--> Posted by mack  
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