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Thread: Internet Café Identification

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    Internet Café Identification

    Can all of you users of Internet Cafés help me?

    I need to identify those computers that are used at internet cafés. If some of you users of those places could do the following for me, I would highly appreciate:

    IN THIS THREAD ONLY, make a post in which you indicate which Internet Café you are (name and address if possible). If you can use two of their computers during the same visit, making a post from two different computers at the same location would also be very helpful.

    If you post complete information, maybe this thread can also be used as a directory of Internet Cafés in Montreal, so this thread would be beneficial to not only the Mods, but all members as well.

    Thank you


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    Not only Internet Cafes

    You should look at other sources as well - public internet access
    is subsidized in the province (l'Avenue on Ontario/ de la Salle) one of many,
    most public librairies offer internet access,many commercial outlets
    ranging from video stores,office supplies,electronics to corner stores etc
    also offer internet access by the hour.

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    Thank you Eastender, that's what I meant by Internet Cafés: Any public acces point to the Internet, from which people surf on MERB.


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    internet cafes

    The slut is a regular user of internet cafes,(he spends all his disposable income on SPs and therefore cannot buy a computer).Today he is mailing you from his regular cafe.4434 Wellington St. in Verdun.The name seems to be''Internet Cafe''.Hope this helps,I will mail in from some of my other hangouts as well.All the machines are in use so I can't mail from another machine today.

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    Thumbs down Café Tribune

    I am posting this from my favorite Internet Café when in Montreal.

    The Café Tribune is at 1567 St Denis. 514-840-0915. They have the free wireless internet acess by 'Île sans fil' as well as a couple of pay-by-the-hour internet terminals. You need to register with this free service and get a password before using. It takes 24 hours to get your password sent to your home internet email account.

    They have a great little pizza here, as well as sandwiches, beer, cappuchinos, salads, you name it. It's air conditioned inside, and they have sidewalk tables. The menu is all in French, but if you ask what they have they can explain it in english. Plenty of tables inside and upstairs, not too many on the sidewalk.

    Highly recommended. Repeat.

    Service: 8/10
    Looks: 8.5/10
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    Thank you guys. Keep going

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    Dare I ask...

    Why you "need" to know this information?

    It's one thing to make a convenient list of access points for all to reference, but quite another to collect information that could potentially be used as an identifier.
    Memory loves time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sybaritic
    Why you "need" to know this information?

    It`s one thing to make a convenient list of access points for all to reference, but quite another to collect information that could potentially be used as an identifier.
    The idea is simple: Many shills use Internet Cafés and/or similar connections to get "anonymous" access to the board. To use your word, the point is exactly to identify those cafés as much as possible as an attempt to, obviously in relation with other information, recognize shills as efficiently as possible.

    I know some of you will disagree with this practice, but despite what people on other boards are insinuating, we work very hard to keep this board as clean of shills as possible. Just look at the "Duplicate Posters, shills, etc" thread if you still have any doubts.

    Thanks again all for your help


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    I am writing from an internet cafe
    On McGill street old montreal
    Dear Mod I shall send you private location of the internet cafe.

    If any of you are serious about coming for a massage please stop writing me private messages. My computer is slow therefore is not pleasurable to me to respond.
    have a great day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sybaritic
    OK everybody, Big Biker is watching!
    Big "Biker"? This one is rather funny. This board has nothing to do with any organisation, being bikers or else.

    Quote Originally Posted by sybaritic
    Sorry to be a contrarian here, but living with one paranoid government is enough. I was hoping to escape that in my fantasy life! There are a thousand places and ways to get "anonymous access to the board." You'll will never find them all because they change day to day.
    We are all entitled to our opinion. I agree, we will never find them all, but that has never been the objective anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by sybaritic
    I'm afraid that you succeed mostly in keeping new posters from reviewing. Repeatedly I've seen innocent novices attacked. My admittedly subjective impression is that the contributions have been more limited and less interesting over the last few months.
    If I am scarring people out, that's not the intention. Yes, novices have been attacked here and there at some point, but it's always as a result of shill-like posts (general only, no details, highly praising, etc). We all learn from our mistakes.

    Quote Originally Posted by sybaritic
    The other day some poor woman was castigated for posting a recipe in the lounge section for god's sake. Now I could understand that if it had been posted in the outcall section.... do you really want to inhibit everybody except regulars well known to the local constabulary from contributing, and limit the topics so narrowly? I think you should be working to open the board up to new users and interests rather than intimidating newbies.
    I agree with you here. I have been too restrictive, and members kindly told me about it. Noticed the thread is still there and very active?

    Quote Originally Posted by sybaritic
    This is not intended as an attack on the regular contributors, just a plea for a more active, open spirited place. The more active participants you have, the quicker actual shill posts will be identified.
    Understood, and appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by sybaritic
    Finally, I don't think this kind of request should be made without informing your members of the motivations.
    Which is what I did in reply to your question

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    Favority Internet dowtown cafe: PICADELLO CAFE

    This is my favority internet cafe in the entire world !!!!!!!

    The owners are so cool and kind to me, young, fresh and handsome, both of them !

    Very friendly atmosphere

    The internet is free with any purchase It is free for 20 minutes.

    Also they have Wireless Internet which is also for FREE, so you can bring your laptop and work ahead in this cozy cafe.

    They serve fresh grill sandwiches, protein shakes, delicious capuccinos, lates Gateaux from kilo, expressos, Iced coffes, Milk shakes, Smoothies, Soda Italiens, Sushi, Pita Pizzas, Grill cheese etc... All of which are delicous!

    The crowd is usually University students being located besides Concordia University, near Bishop on 1394 Saint-Catherine ouest. PICADELLO CAFE

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    Internet Cafe Shilling?

    Juliana! will u ever learn?

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    Ricola You are Wrong

    Ricola before you jump into comclusions you should take a good look at your

    I was debating with myself if i should advertize this internet cafe or not. I know disclosing in public my hang outs may take away some of my space.

    The truth this is a wonderful place, because the internet can be free if you purshase. It has air conditioning. They also got free wireless internet. where else in Montreal do you get that ? Unless you are a registered university student ?

    Given their business is new, i decided to take advantage of the Mod2 quest to give those deserving darlings some visibility.

    Some people deserve praise due to the fact of how they treat people with kindness and respect and generosity. Remember what Ronnie said ? " They may forget what you said. But they wont forget how you made them fell "

    Ciao bello.
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    Ricola.... come on..

    Give the lady a break... there is nothing wrong about highligthing your favorite spot.. be it a cafe or a restaurant..!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juliana
    Given their business is new, i decided to take advantage of the Mod2 quest to give those deserving darlings some visibility.
    Ciao bello.
    Hi Juliana,

    Please wake up.

    Mods quest is not about sharing information about our favorite café, he probably doesn't give a d***, it is about knowing the IP addresses of Montreal's internet café so that shillers won't be able to use them anymore to cheat the Board.

    Now that he knows which Internet café you use, no one will be able to use it for shilling... Is this what you want??...

    By the way, here is my favorite coffee shop in Montreal ..Can I invite you for a coffee?
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