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Thread: MP wants to open a new place.

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    MP wants to open a new place.

    An MP told me that she plans to open a new place to offer massages, with all the places closing will she be sucessful. Of course, she sais that it will be a uniques place. What do you hobbyist think? Is it a good time to set up a new place, and what unique atributes are needed to bring in the customers?

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    Although there have been a few clinics that have shut down, there probably have been just as many, if not more, that have cropped up. A lot of those are Chinese-run, but there seems to be a resurgence in new Russian places and mps of late.

    Here would be my advice for setting up a new cilinic:

    1- There aren't much clinics downtown, meaning east of Guy st, which would therefore be where i would look; somewhere maybe close to China Town, the Plateau, Petite Patrie (Rosemont), or around the Parc Lafontaine or the Big O areas.

    2- Go back to the old rates of 45 dollars/60 min

    3- try a multiethnic staff, including Euros, Indians and Arabs

    4- keep the mp age low, eg.18-25, but make sure you have at least one nice MILF (eg.40-60)...for the pervs like myself


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