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Thread: Much More Appreciation For Montreal Hobbying Now

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    Much More Appreciation For Montreal Hobbying Now

    I had a quick trip to Toronto with 1 night stay at Toronto downtown hotel. I'd figure I would make the best of it by checking out the hobby scene. I knew that the Toronto scene was all about the massage and incalls but on short notice I could not do the proper research.

    After getting to my downtown hotel I quickly realized that parking was impossible to find downtown and once I checked in there was no way I was going move my car from the parking. So I decided to try an outcall instead. After doing some quick research and calling a couple of agencies I realized that outcall in Toronto is very tough to arrange. It wasn't until the 4th agency I called that I was able to arrange a girl to come over.

    I wanted to try someone local and eliminated any "french canadian" or "visiting from Montreal" girls. I settled on Veronica from Cupids a Latin Canadian girl in a small tight package. I was hesitant to do an outcall in Toronto mostly because I am not use to the insane outcall prices compared to Montreal. While I was waiting for Veronica to arrive I prepared the donation in advance checking and rechecking. After the 3rd time checking I realized I was short $100, damn these Toronto prices. I kept on thinking it was $170 like in Montreal but it was really $270 that I needed for the SP. Good thing I checked, who knows how the SP would have reacted me being short $100.

    Finally I get the much anticipated knock on the door and WOW!!! I should have arrange an extra hour with her because time went by too fast. She was very easy to talk to, dark latin skintone, curves in all the right places, and a pure Torontonian. Service was great and all I could ask for. My only complaint was that I wanted more time with her.

    In the end I think I got kinda lucky with Veronica that she provided me with an experience well worth the price of admission. But these Toronto outcall prices are just rediculous!

    In the end I have a greater appreciation for the Montreal hobby and how good we have it.


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    Prices in Toronto are still better than in many American cities. You also have to consider that the cost of living in Toronto is higher than in Montreal.

    I agree that when you're used to Montreal prices, it's difficult to get used to Toronto rates for outcall, which is why i've done incall several times when in Toronto in order to save on the extra $$ that an outcall would require.

    Here's how i find it easier to cope with the slightly higher rates in Toronto as compared to Montreal:

    I've found that i regularly get cheaper hotel rates in Toronto as compared to Montreal. I also find in many cases, the hotels are better than the ones in Montreal. Very often, the difference in hotel rates (Priceline & Hotwire) between the two cities can make up the difference in sp rates between the two cities.

    For example, the hotel i regularly stay at in Toronto usually costs me $70-80 on Priceline. The same type of hotel in Montreal is usually over $100, often between $110-120. And quite often, wireless internet is free of charge in the Toronto hotels i stay at. Many hotels in Montreal still charge for internet.

    So if i you consider all of this, you're not really paying that much more if you see sps in Toronto as compared to Mtl. Myself, i've noticed that for whatever reason, i have no interest in seeing more than one sp per day when in Toronto. Heck, i usually see only one per trip, two at the most. Many times, none at all. However, when in Mtl, i feel that seeing an sp is a must. Seeing more than one sp per day is also a realistic possibly. Therefore, i'm spending a lot more on sps when in Mtl as compared to when i'm in Toronto. Over the years, i've found that one good way to control my urges was to chose a trip to Toronto over Mtl.

    As for going to incalls, most of the incall places are located in areas accessible via the subway. So it was no big deal if i had to leave my car at the hotel or not since i wouldn't have used it anyways to go to an incall. Subway is only $3 and most incalls i've attended where in reputable downtown hotels.

    But the bottom line is that Montreal is a hobbying haven while Toronto is not. Toronto is like most of other major cities when it comes to hobbying, and probably better than most of them. But nothing comes close to Montreal.....and that's not Toronto's fault.

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    What do you think is so good about mtl?

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    im gonna agree the states are a rip off average girl is 300 that's why I love montrreal I get 2 girls a night out of a full weekend Toronto has pretty girls just a tad under u.s prices but much prettier the only thing about Canada and the u.s is that Canada is almost legal out there

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    Toronto or even the States , it's still cheaper than being married...

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltydog View Post
    Toronto or even the States , it's still cheaper than being married...
    Lol, well if you're addicted to SPing, It might be more expensive than being married I think... But certainly still cheaper than if you get divorced...

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    Try to find an escort in Calgary, almost all the Indys are members of Canada Adult Fun ( I think they own the site ) ( full of shills to keep escorts happy ) and unless you are a member and have positive reviews with a referral most will not meet you. Agencies are easier to book but service and looks are lacking for the high prices. Costs are about $250 and up and looks are not even close to what is in Montreal for 90% of them. Full GFE is not going to happen with most. I will not mention too much about Ft.McMurray but very poor compared to Calgary and almost on the verge of stupidity compared to Montreal.

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    Hobbied in both ciities. TO is all about incalls...MTL is all about outcalls.

    I live in TO so the price of incall fun is the same as in Mtl once you factor in the cost of a Mtl hotel room.

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