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Thread: Guys ,are you tired to spend money in bad( sp and mp) the solutions are simples.

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    Guys ,are you tired to spend money in bad( sp and mp) the solutions are simples.

    Just read merb reviews befor appointement-avoid fake fotos,but if u still want to try them. God bless you.

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    Look behind you.
    I also never thought of that one, reading reviews on a review board. What a concept.

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    Enlightening remarks come up every day this one is a GEM should be saved for posterity

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    Good point OBA. Maybe it should be a sticky.

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    Don't be so cynical, I report every weeks threads from merbists (Not newbies) doing bad reviews of a SP that has already been badly reviewed in another thread that they could have found before they have their encounter if they would have used the merb search feature.

    It is a review board, but not everybody seem to know how to use it properly... It is one thing to read, but before reading, you must know how to do the searching for reviews.
    Also searching for Fake pics is a bit of a job but well worth the time spent... (Especially for indies from Ads sites)

    So I see this thread more like a "reminder"...

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    I am accusing kev3020 of shilling for merb Thank you so much for the insightful advice kev. But, after the shower thread, I am not surprised anymore about the quality of threads I might find in the lounge

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