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Thread: Penalties for Picking up Street walkers in Canada?

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    Penalties for Picking up Street walkers in Canada?

    In the states in many major cities, the local authorities have the right to keep your car and sell it. Is the same practice done in Canada? I am curious.

    I personally don't want to pick one up. I have done this once in my life more than 20 years ago. I haven't done again and won't do it again. It is risky other than the increase odds of std's. One is picking up a runaway under 18, or a pimp that would assault and rob you.

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    to oliver:

    oliver .... you say that you had 200 sw and your latest std test results show that you are clean .... how do you explain this??? this can not be just luck .... obviuosly you use condems for intercourse (fs) but do you always use them for oral sex (cbj)?? ..... if you never go does this mean that condems will protect you almost 100% of the time .... among 200 SW (not to mention all the other types of women you had) there must have been several with stds some even with deadly std`s .... it can not be just luck .... either condems are near perfect as a tool against std`s or your immune system is resistant to most std`s ... if so your blood should be studied by the medical scientists .... your blood may have the key to std vaccines/cures!!!
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    the medical world

    oliver .... there is a guy out there called Kevin Trudeau saying the same thing as you ... it is all about money ... the drug companies what you hooked on their one pill a day for life drugs ... he wrote a book called Natural Cures That They Don't Want You To Know About .... it is on tv every weekend at $30US 18006616661

    lists almost every major disease we now and their natural cures

    for example acid reflux ... the drug companies/doctors(the drup companies street drug pushers) get you hooked on a one pill a day for life drug .... you never get cured .... just maintained and squeezed for your money for life .... the natural solution is simple spoon of vinegar will solve the problem ... why it works is explained also in the book ... so simple so obvious ... but doing this makes the medical industry no money they do not do it for people

    all this said it will always be buyer beware

    check posts below avery has posted links about Kevin Trudeau .... they are very negative .... is Trudeau a crook taking advantage of people .... or is he telling the truth and the system is ganging up against him to hide the truth about natural cures ... natural cures or drugs from drug companies that only want your money and do not want to cure you

    i do not endorse Trudeau's book ... i only mention it because i too believe that natural cures are the best way to go .... oliver is a walking example of going natural ..... but are the cures discussed in Trudeau's book the correct cures or bullshit taking advantage of people ... i do not know

    in the end can any of us trust anybody .... does anybody really care about anybody???

    FDA .... drug companies ... doctors ... all in bed together ..... FDA is supposed to regulate drugs .. but when FDA officials leave the FDA they always end up in a high position in the drug companies at huge salaries ... in the real world this is called a pay-off
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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Seeker
    ....there is a guy out there called Kevin Trudeau saying the same thing as you ... it is all about money ...
    It's all about money allright - Kevin Trudeau is a con man who became rich by peddling bullshit and snake oil to desperate people.

    There are also many web sites supporting him, but I sure as hell wouldn't buy anything he's peddling.
    May your genitalia never fail ya.

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    Welcome back

    Oliver , welcome back to this board..

    I really enjoy your insight on the street..

    As you know, I would never take that chance and enjoy the ladies indoors, sort to speak..

    Maybe one day I will train with you at a gym....

    But for now I love reading your adventures..keep up the good work..and of course always be safe..

    Lee STONE..
    Cum for me Lee..Yeah baby....

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    Oliver your my hero

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    How to avoid a street bust?

    OK, among others, has mentioned having to be aware of female cops who try to entrap those seeking street action.

    I wonder if the following would work:

    You approach a woman who you strongly suspect is an SW and tell her that you are an artist who wants to paint a nude portrait of someone who looks natural (i.e. not somebody who often poses for artists) in an authentically seedy hotel - no sex involved. You don't test by touching her or asking her to touch you, so unless she lies, where are the grounds for an arrest?

    If she accompanies you and disrobes, she really is a SW, not a cop, so she shouldn't be dismayed when you explain what you really want.

    Is my naivite showing?

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    Thumbs up bad strategy

    Poor Vlad, you'd be an artist all artist versed in the art of getting yourself in major trouble ! Forget the bogus scenario, my friend. You can talk to her as you'd normally do to any cute, normal chick you'd like to pick up. However, never, never...did i say never? NEVER mention cash. And the moment you sense that she may be a cop, smile politely, compliment her on her beautiful eyes, wish her a nice day and get the IMMEDIATE f*[email protected] out!! .

    Just my 2 cents


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    If I am not mistaken isn't there a "3 strikes" policy? That is, 3 strikes and you are still not out? Here is Dee's post on this from 1-20-05:

    "The policy's main provision is a four-phase approach to arresting and booking prostitutes and their customers:

    On first arrest, they are identified and released. The second time, they are released after a warning. In the third instance, the person is released on condition (for example, they must abide by a curfew). If there's a fourth arrest, the case goes to court."

    This being the case, can't AV fuck around a little bit as he does have some strikes to play with?
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    More often than not the girl gets booked and the gent gets a slap on the wrist.

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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