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Thread: Cingular North American plan...

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    Cingular North American plan...

    Was canceling my att north american plan and found out that cingulars north american plan can also be started and canceled at any time...and its only 5.99 a month...for those traveling to Canada. If you have cingular you should confirm with customer service if this is correct for your account.

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    Breadman had mentioned this plan to me when I saw him in July, but it took me a few months of getting smacked around with large cellphone bills before I came to my senses and got a better plan.

    The Cingular North American plan is $59.99 a month, and offers 450 anytime minutes and 1,000 weekend and night (after 9:00 p.m.) minutes which allows calls anywhere in Canada, USA and Mexico. You can call from USA to Canada, Canada to USA and within Canada and no roaming or LD charges unless you go over your allotted minutes. Any unused minutes can be rolled over for a period of 12 months.
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    Im pretty sure Cingular also tries to ding you with a 5.99 per month charge to get this deal. And if im not mistaken they also charge a per minute usage fee when you are in Montreal.

    My at&t plan on the otherhand offers a plan with 450 weekly minutes and free nights and weekends for 39.99...with the option of adding on the north american plan for an extra 9.99 per month. No roaming, any minute used gets taken off your monthly minutes.

    And best of only get billed for the time this north american plan is active on your account i.e. 9.99 fee for one month...or about .32 cents a day if your only going to call on a weekend (and your free nights and weekend option makes all calls to Canada free of charge...minus the .32 cents).

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    So anyone out there with an active at&t account...upgrade it to the 39.99 plan before it expires...contract is good as long as you never cancel.

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    There is no per minute usage fee on the Cingular North American plan if you are within your allotted minutes calling anywhere within North America. It's a flat $59.99 per month.

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    Well, when i talked to the cingular rep i was told i had to sign up for the 59.99 plan and then an extra 5.99 a month to include canada. Special K should be able to confirm if this is correct or not...

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    AT&T Wireless

    is gone, finito, merged with Cingular, I thought.

    So you have Cingular regardless, AFAIK.

    FWIW, I get better cell signal from the Rogers towers in Canada than I do the Cingular towers in the US.

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    Bond, at&t's plan isnt gone...that's what you want anyway. For those who are still active on the old plan (mine ends in October) Cingular will honor this plan for the life of the contract as long as you dont change the plan.

    Buddy of mine signed up for a contract 4 years ago with unlimited minutes...and still has it to this day. A contract may expire in 2 years...but that doesnt mean you have to sign up for a new plan.

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