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Thread: A little Help from all the pro's here.

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    A little Help from all the pro's here.

    I found myself wanting a good BBBJ with Cim and nothing else , i have tried appx 10-15 different women advertising on both CL and 123 , and although it seems like from their ads that their going to be animals in that domain......they have so far all let me down (no real effort, they are fatter and uglier than described, mechanical, scared of the semen).....and more. i am a clean , great smelling , in shape 35 year old male , who cant find what he's looking for. can someone guide me in the right direction.

    thanks in advance.

    I guess what im asking is if anyone knows of a women who can give me 15 mins of pleasure that i couldn't get in 35 years.

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    There`s a lot on info you can find here on Merb. Here`s something to get you started :

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    It's a whole new ballgame
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    I don't think you'll find a 15 minute date with any of the girls in that thread.
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