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Thread: Bibiane Bovet - Candidate

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    Bibiane Bovet - Candidate

    Breaking news about a candidate in the November 3, Montreal municipal elections. Allegations that candidate Bibiane Bovet is a former escort.

    More to follow in both languages.

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    That link is dead, but this one from the Gazette is not:

    MONTREAL — Published reports Friday say that one of mayoral hopeful Mélanie Joly’s hand-picked candidates is a former escort.

    According to La Presse, Bibiane Bovet worked in the sex trade up to 2012 to pay for a sex change operation. Bovet is running for Groupe Mélanie Joly in the DeLorimier riding of Plateau-Mont-Royal. The report says Joly was aware of the woman’s former job.
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    At last a candidate that we can trust. Fully reviewed on merb. None of the others can say that. At least she doesn`t have a seedy past like being a member of Union Montreal.

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    Thanks for the link adjustment, Sidney.

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    I do not care what you cut off, its still a guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eastender View Post
    More to follow in both languages.
    And in both sexes.

    Both of her escort links are predictably out of order, however, tons of photos of her/him online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tugboat View Post
    At last a candidate that we can trust.
    Sorry man but she used to work for me in the past and i have learn to know her ... she's pretty ... she's expensive ... but try to know her a little better and she will become ugly... she wants to do things her way... try to challenge her and you'll get fucked..

    if she put her candidature in politic sorry but i'll shoot myself...but well if it needs someone like her to make things change why not...

    First time that i'm putting that kind of comment and will also be my last sorry guys but i can't applied this candidature

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S. Black View Post
    «Pas le choix»

    Bibiane Bovet, qui veut devenir la première conseillère municipale transsexuelle de l'histoire de Montréal, a relaté s'être prostituée pendant plusieurs années à Montréal afin de financer son changement de sexe. Si «la grande opération» est remboursée par l'État québécois, le processus complet ne l'est pas, a-t-elle déploré.

    «On n'a pas le choix quand on est transsexuel, a-t-elle plaidé. On n'est pas comme les filles de la rue Ontario qui font ça toute leur vie.»
    Oh my god have you seen that?? i'm not like them ... bullshit she's on the same scale as anyone...

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    J'ai entièrement confiance en Mme Bovets beaucoup plus que n'importe quel Politicien de Laval ou meme ceux de montréal.

    A vouloir toujours des anciens politiciens, on voit ce que ca a donne!
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    Oui je suis d'accord pour les politiciens en général... mais la... elle prêche comme si elle n'avait pas le choix de faire le travaille qu'elle a fait et dieu sait qu'elle en a profité bien plus que pour sa chirurgie... elle ne dénigre pas avoir été escorte, mais pourquoi ne pas l'assumer pleinement plus tôt que de dénigrer les autres autour... Si elle serait justement en accord avec son ancienne profession et franche de tout le reste, peut être que ce milieu deviendrait tout autre...

    Et de plus peut être que le fait de l'avoir connu personnellement altérè mon jugement... mais elle est loin d'être dans mes bonnes grâces...plutôt devenir républicaine LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S. Black View Post
    oh ya this one is special,i remember many adds where he/she said she had hundreds of disiplines in massage and a 1 hr was 300 as a warmup rates were redicilous
    Here's one of her pitches ...

    I have studied massages all my life from the age of 12 years old, because my father had a problem with his right shoulder and he was constantly asking me to give him massages on his shoulder. And one day I fixed it. I didn't know what I did but I fixed it.

    Then i started to give massages to everyone in my family, my Mom, my sister, my cousins, my aunts, my uncles and different relatives. I was just trying different things back then. One day, when I was 15, I was laying with a girl naked and playing with her back, drawing things slowly with my finger on her back and I noticed that she had a vertebrae that was out of place. So, I did something unconsciously, fixing her back. And she was really really happy that I did. I had no clue how I did it tho.

    And then we moved to the Bahamas and a year later I moved to the USA to Miami. Moving to Miami, I went and learned martial arts. My teacher, mastered 21 styles of martial arts and was also an Acupuncture Physician. One day I hurt my back and he gave me a massage and fixed me. I told him about my past experiences and told him that this is exactly how I did it and that I wanted to learned what he did. He called this massage Setai and told me that I can learn this in japan. So, I went to Japan and studied for 2 years there. Then return to the USA. I am famous in the USA for my massages. I worked on entire families and very famous people, in Miami, DC, New York and Los Angeles. I had people flying to me or flying me to them to work on them. Recently, in April 2011, a wealthy, famous and well-known man flew me to Hawai'i for a week of treatments and energy balancing as well as for Tantric experiences. Last year a British man flew me to Las Vegas for a week and another to Los Angeles for a few days.

    I am always available for consultation and for any private sessions, individually (male or female) or couples for sex therapy. Having lived on both sides of the fence makes me quite the perfect psychologist and Tantric teacher for any and all human beings of any gender. I have the knowledge, the intelligence, the refinement and discretion towards all my clientele to respect their privacy and intimacy regarding our proceedings and consultations. I am bound by professional secrecy. That is mainly the principal difference with regards to the level of consciousness and professionalism between those that call themselves escorts and a Coutisane.

    If you need further information about me or my services, please consult my Webpage: *******.com and/or my Website: *********.com.


    Sexily Yours,

    Bibiane Bovet, Acupuncture Physician & Yoga Therapist (Courtisane & Tantrika)

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    C'était tristement désolant de voir Mme Joly repeter sans cesse sa cassette lorsque les journalistes lui demandait si Bibiane payait ses impots comme escorte.Bien sur,les croches de Montréal et Laval ont fait bien pire mais two wrongs dont make a right.
    Si un candidat travaillait comme déneigeur et ne payait pas son lot d'impots,elle le lui pardonnerait aussi?
    J'ai fait affaire avec Bibiane en 2009,par curiosité.Elle travaillait alors dans un salon straight mais était la seuls trans du salon.Son massage était amamteur et sans technique.

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    Wow, you can't even scrip something like this.

    I think it would have been fine if she was an escort, but a transexual escort just takes it to the next level.
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    I was speaking to a friend of mine about this yeaterday, she said that it would not matter to most people. I suspect that most people will say that her past and gender change makes no difference. That is what they will say, but when it come time to vote it will be a differentstory.

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