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Thread: pay before you meet an sp

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    pay before you meet an sp

    i saw this ad on craigslist and i respond to it. she respond by sending you a movie of her sucking some guy dick. i told her im interested so she said its 125 i said ok , but she wants me to pay by interac or paypal before i meet i respond why dont i just pay you when we meet she has not responded since. did anyone ever pay before meeting

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    dont do it that way... pay cash or in an envelope do paypal only with the one you trust if you already know them....

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    escort asking you to pay by paypal.... LOL rare really. Nah its a scam man... forget that. I mean... seriously, wich escort would NOT want to be paid cash... she just want to get some money and then never contact you again. I mean... she probably used an amateur clip you can find on the web.... one of the 10 millions there is...
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    I would not even bother that type of escort.too risky.

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    Look behind you.
    If you go for it PM me and I have some stocks I would like to sell you.

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    no i did not go for it i went some where else. going back and forth through email was like e-mailing with a robot, her answer were like its $125 pay by paypal or interact so i told her good luck with her scam she never e-mail back

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    Good, don't get sucked into that type of scam, no matter how tempting the girl might be.

    Heck, any SP asking for money up front is a cause for concern.
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    You did the wise thing. It's a good general rule that when in doubt, don't do it. I've seen ads of some classy escorts that offer cheaper prices if you pay a number of dates in advance, like a subscription. But paying in advance is not something to do with someone unknown.

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